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Say adios to that mid-morning slump with our Cold Coffee 18G Protein Milkshake. A potent taste of coffee in a refreshing cool drink, what more do you need? Containing the power of caffeine and milk protein, it is indeed a combination that is simply too tempting to resist.

Did you know?

A goat herder named Kaldi discovered coffee when he observed his goats getting extra energetic after eating coffee berries in the wild. As for interesting facts about India’s favorite drink, milk, our country is the world’s largest milk producer.

Inside Story

Raw pressery protein milkshake or cold coffee contains skimmed milk, coffee, and honey, among other things. One serving of this cold coffee contains 18gm protein, which makes it a great source of protein for your body’s daily needs. Fun fact, we add lactase enzymes to the milk to break down the lactose, making this an ideal fit for lactose-intolerant people.

How To Use

As a top protein shake, this cold coffee is great for a post-workout cooldown beverage. The coffee content can give you instant energy, which also makes it a popular beverage choice for lazy mornings. It is a staple drink that every coffee lover should have in their pantry.

Health Benefits

This protein milkshake is an excellent metabolism booster since the caffeine present in coffee increases metabolism and amplifies fat-burning. This cold coffee is therefore helpful for weight management. It also helps in increasing energy levels in the body.

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