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Alphonso Mango - 200ML

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What if India’s national fruit was available in a ready-to-drink form for your mango cravings? This delicious pulpy mango juice is made of ripe and sinfully sweet mangoes, making it a delicious drink for all seasons. Be transported to heaven with the indulgent taste of this golden juice that will keep you coming back for more.

Did You Know?

A staple fruit in every Indian household during summers, mango is rightly known as the king of fruits. Here in India, we have been a fan of mangoes for a very long time, since they first showed up in the region about 5,000 years ago. Another fun fact, they are related to cashews and pistachios!

The Inside Story

Raw Pressery’s Mango juice contains mango pulp with sugarcane juice and is loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants. The drink contains high-quality ingredients that are all responsibly sourced, making it a favourite for everyone who loves Mangoes.

How To Use

Start your day with this tasty beverage with your breakfast. Get your morning fix of energy from this pulpy mango juice. A refreshing drink to enjoy on a hot summer day - share it with your friends and family on special occasions.

Health Benefits

This mango juice is loaded with antioxidants and contains Vitamin C.

Please note: As our juices are made with fruit, their colour may vary from season to season and batch to batch.

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Alphonso Mango - 200ML
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Alphonso Mango - 200ML
Alphonso Mango - 200ML
Alphonso Mango - 200ML