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Having brought together the rich flavours of mint and chocolate in the form of a milk-based beverage, this healthy protein milkshake makes for a great pick. So, load up on your proteins and kickstart your morning with this delicious, minty fresh drink.

Did You Know?

Milk is considered an excellent source of protein, as it contains all 9 amino acids, which are responsible for making it throughout our body. Aside from this, chocolate is widely considered as an aphrodisiac, and is packed with antioxidants.

The Inside Story

Raw Pressery’s 18g Choco Mint Protein Milkshake is vegetarian-friendly and is prepared with responsibly sourced ingredients. It contains lactose enzymes that make it a lactose-free chocolate mint shake. Loaded with essential nutrients, this drink can help you with your weight management goals, as well as boost energy levels.

How to Use

This healthy protein milkshake is the perfect drink for fitness enthusiasts. Before you hit the gym, load up on proteins with this 18g Choco Mint Protein Milkshake and get that fresh burst of energy that will help you breeze through your workout routine. You could also add it to your breakfast menu since the coffee content in this drink can liven up your day.

Health Benefits

The 18g Choco Mint Protein Milkshake aims to help you reach your daily protein intake and enhances your fitness goals.

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