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Valencia Orange - 250ml

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Presenting Sunshine in a Bottle! Extracted from the world’s juiciest Valencia oranges, Raw Pressery’s  Valencia orange juice is your perfect morning companion. Valencia oranges are known for their rich dietary fiber content and vitamin C, and this juice is loaded with those benefits.

Did You Know?

Valencia oranges are named after the city of Valencia in Spain. They’re popularly known as summer oranges since they grow from March till September. A single orange has 92% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C - no wonder it is called a vitamin powerhouse.

The Inside Story

Raw Pressery Valencia Orange juice has Valencia orange juice, orange pulp, and citrus fiber. It contains naturally occurring sugars that are found in valencia orange. All the ingredients are responsibly sourced.

How To Use

Valencia Orange Juice is a good energy source since it contains naturally occurring sugars that give your body an instant kick of energy. This is what makes this tasty orange juice the perfect start to your day. Additionally, it is a great pre-workout drink for all.

Health Benefits

Loaded with Vitamin C, drinking this Valencia Orange juice once a day is enough to give your body the Vitamin C it requires. Vitamin C is additionally proven to boost immunity and protect your skin from harmful radicals.

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Valencia Orange - 250ml
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Valencia Orange - 250ml
Valencia Orange - 250ml