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It's a dessert in a healthy protein shake! Combining the rich flavours of ripe bananas and sweet honey, this Banana + Honey Protein Milkshake checks off 30% of your daily required protein intake. Containing 18g of plant protein, this delicious and healthy beverage will give you your daily protein fix.

Did You Know?

Here’s a lesser-known fact - bananas are large-sized herbs that are related to orchids, palms and lilies. Loaded with carbohydrates, bananas are the most popular source of energy for athletes.

The Inside Story

Containing 18g plant protein and 60% calcium, this Banana Honey Protein Shake is a highly nutritional beverage. All of the ingredients, including skimmed milk and honey are responsibly sourced. This milkshake satisfies 30% of your daily protein intake requirement and is also lactose-free, which makes this the ideal milkshake for lactose-intolerant people.

How To Use

From breakfast in bed to working the weights at your gym, this banana honey milkshake will be a faithful beverage by your side. You can either drink it before or after your gym session, with your breakfast or even at random times of the day when you need a dose of protein.

Health Benefits

The high calcium content and protein-loaded nature of this drink makes it ideal for muscle building, sustained energy and weight management.

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