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Almond Beverage Cacao (1L)

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Dairy-free milk you say? We heard you! This delicious and vegan-friendly Cacao Almond Milk is the answer to your prayers for a tasty dairy alternative. From kids to elders, this rich, chocolaty beverage is loved by people of all ages. So just shake, pour, and sip!

Did You Know?

Almonds are generally considered super healthy and are in fact one of the first food items to be awarded a qualified health claim in the U.S. Cacao is the seed from which cocoa, chocolate, and cocoa butter is made. It grows only in tropical climates.

The Inside Story

Given that 68% of the world’s population has some form of lactose malabsorption, they require a lactose-free dairy alternative. This lactose-free Cacao Almond Milk is 100% vegan, packed with plant protein and is the optimal choice in milk for those who cannot consume dairy. This beverage contains ingredients like liquid chocolate, almonds, cacao nibs, among others, and all the ingredients are sourced responsibly.

How To Use

Drink it as a quick snack beverage or have it first thing in the morning with your breakfast; there is no wrong way to enjoy this yummy drink. From kids to adults, everyone enjoys the rich, chocolaty taste of this drink and it can serve as a tasty addition to your kid’s school lunchbox. You can sip it as a solo drink or mix it in your regular protein shake.

Health Benefits

Raw Pressery’s Cacao Almond Milk contains the health benefits of Almonds, rich in Vitamin E and other nutrients. It is gluten-free, lactose-free, and loaded with plant protein.

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