It's time to juice it up & swing into action. Grab your limited edition RAW Pressery x Spider-Man™: No Way Home Juices & Coconut Water.

This pack contains a total of 12 limited edition bottles
3 X 250ml Valencia Orange Juice
3 x 250ml Sugarcane Juice
6 x 200ml Coconut Water


Did You Know

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About The Product

The shelf life of our products varies depending on the product. Our juice, almond milk & protein shake bottles have a shelf life of up to seven months. Our Almond milk Tetra Packs have a shelf life of nine months. You can also refer to the product label for details regarding shelf life.

Once opened, we suggest you consume the product within the next 24 hours if not refrigerated. Refrigeration helps you enjoy our products for up to 48 hours.

Our products are ambient, and hence can be stored at room temperature until they are not opened. The products need to be refrigerated when opened and must be consumed within 24 hours if not kept refrigerated after opening.

Yes. Currently, we have a home delivery service available in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Kolkata & Hyderabad. We will be starting home deliveries to other locations soon. Meanwhile, for delivery across other cities, you can check Bigbasket.com or Amazon.in.

The only way the product can get spoilt is if it is exposed to heat and humidity or if the product has passed its best before date. If the bottle or tetra pack looks bloated/puffed, or if the product is fizzing and/or smells acidic, then please do not consume it. Please call us on +91-8657303303 or drop us a mail at getmore@rawpressery.com and we will help solve your queries.

How To Consume

Absolutely! Our products are great for boosting energy levels naturally and make a great healthy snack for kids.

Sure. You can also have them along with meals or simply every time you feel like re-hydrating or have something healthy!

No. Our products are ready to drink. Just twist & sip the goodness.

Absolutely! Our products are a great mix for your cocktail, smoothie bowls & various other recipes.

Health Precautions

While our juices are fit for consumption for everyone, we advise you please consult your physician for advice before consuming.

We strongly advise you not to consume the product after the expiry date.



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