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Guava - 250ML

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Remember that sweet and tangy flavour of a slice of guava with a dash of chilli and a hint of lemon juice on top? We bottled that flavour up for your tastebuds in this refreshing Guava fruit juice. With the nostalgic taste of Guava in every sip, you won’t be able to get enough of this fruity drink.

Did You Know?

Orange is a well-known source of Vitamin C, but did you know that Guava is known to contain much more Vitamin C than an orange? It is often referred to as a super fruit since it also contains high quantities of other essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, iron, etc.

The Inside Story

Raw Pressery’s Guava Juice tastes like coming home after a long summer day. This drink contains Guava pulp, rock salt, chilli powder, sugarcane, and lemon juice, among other ingredients. The combination of these distinct flavours makes for a refreshing, tangy, and delicious beverage that you simply cannot put down. All the ingredients are responsibly sourced.

How To Use

Have it as a morning wake-up drink, at breakfast, or you can even carry it with you to work. This juice is perfect for hot summer days owing to its refreshing, cool taste. Having trouble getting your kids to eat fruit? Hand them this delicious Guava fruit juice and watch as they savour every last drop of it.

Please note: As our juices are made with fruit, their colour may vary from season to season and batch to batch.

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Guava - 250ML
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Guava - 250ML
Guava - 250ML