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Juicing it Raw

Every bottle of RAW juice is oozing with the goodness and freshness of nature! What makes us so sure? Well, because all our fruits and vegetables come directly from local farms. We maintain a vendor-contractor relationship with these farmers to promote farming. We assess the soil quality, water availability and accessibilty to ensure that you get the most vibrant colours and delicious flavours all year round.

this is how your bottle of juice is prepared!

  • 1

    Freshest of the produce

    is brought to the manufacturing plant where UV treatment sanitizes every little fruit and veggie

  • 2

    A splash of fresh purified water

    then further decontaminates them to reveal the beautiful side of nature

  • 3

    Ingredients are peeled & chopped

    gently to prepare them for cold-pressing

  • 4

    fruits & veggies are Cold-Pressed

    every drop of goodness is squeezed out of them for you

  • 5

    Fresh juice is Bottled

    and capped to lock in all the goodness and nutrition

  • 6

    The pressure is on

    With the first ever High Pressure Processing Machine in Asia the shelf-life of all our juices is increased to 21 days

  • 7

    bottles are lined up in crates

    and loaded into trucks to reach your homes

keeping it pure

Activities are performed under strict HACCP without involving any human contact. Our juices touch your heart but we ensure, that nothing touches them. Right from sanitization to cold-pressing to filling, everything remains untouched and pure.

No wonder, we are All Good & No Bad!

Get in touch with our juice officers to add more goodness to your life. Email us at [email protected] OR call on 9920-453-453.