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    Why juice cleanse & what are its benefits?

    Why do a juice cleanse?

    • The queries and opinions surrounding this way of detoxing are endless but scientific results weigh heavily towards its benefits.
    • All major changes in your body start with your gut. A juice cleanse relaxes your stomach and gives your digestive tract a breather, your skin feels rejuvenated and your heart – free from heart-ache. Each cleanse has been created with expert nutritionist guidance, you can choose from Light Cleanse or Deep Cleanse based on whichever suits your needs. Our different programs are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, fibres and minerals. Juice cleanses are meant to rid your body of toxins, revitalise your nervous system, elevate your mood and lend a special glow to your skin.
    • Wait, no food just juice?
    • A juice cleanse helps you kick-start a healthier lifestyle by replacing your solid food intake with nutritious cold-pressed juices in a liquid form. A 410ml bottle of juice is consumed every 2.5 hours for the duration of 1, 2 or 3 days (don’t worry it’s all there on the bottles). This pumps liquid nutrition into your system and helps in rebooting and recharging your energy meters.
    • Excellent for weight management, a juice cleanse should be done once in every 2 weeks for best results. Tell us how you felt on a cleanse on getmore@rawpressery.com, we’d love to hear.
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