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    Our Produce

    The stars of the show are our fruits and veggies which we select with the greatest care. We follow strict HACCP controls to ensure the process is hygienic throughout. We sanitize the produce by UV Treatment, decontaminate it and wash it in purified water, ensuring the produce never comes into direct human contact.


    Our Processes

    We choose only the freshest and best quality fruits and vegetables and source these directly from local farms. To ensure that they have the most vibrant color and flavor around the year, we assess the soil quality, water availability and how accessible the produce is. We also have contract-vendor relationships with our farmers to support the growing farming industry in India.
    We take care of the peeling, chopping and shredding of the fruits and vegetables before the cold-press  process begins. We ensure the produce never comes into contact with human hands as it turns from solid to liquid form.


    Our Packaging

    Our bottles and caps are food grade PET and 100% BPA free. They are also completely recyclable. If you would like us to recycle your bottles, then please write to us at recycle@rawpressery.com and we will have your plastic bottles collected from your doorstep. We hope you will join us in this green revolution.

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