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Jacqueline Fernandez puts her money in juice making startup.

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez has invested in Rakyan Beverages that makes juices under the Raw Pressery brand, becoming India’s first celebrity to part-finance a consumer products firm, and help drive sales.

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9 Millennial Trends That Are Actually Great Lifestyle Changes We All Need to Make

In a world where everyone is desperately attempting to differentiate themselves from the rest with unique new ways of eating, drinking, and living, we tend to miss out on the few amazing trends which could actually benefit us.

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Beverage start-ups Paper Boat, Milk Mantra give cola brands a health scare

Indian beverage start-ups mushroom as soda sales slow down and consumers stay away from carbonated drinks

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Five simple ways to keep weight in check this festive season

Kajal Bhatia, Consultant Nutritionist at RAW Pressery, a cold pressed juice brand, suggests how to keep a check on weight gain this festive season.

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Judging a brand by its packaging Publication: Business Standard

Design is an integral part of branding strategy worldwide, but in India, companies have always relied more on advertising, rather than packaging, to stand out in a crowd.

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Cold-pressed juice startup ‘Raw Pressery’ bags awards at Entrepreneur India 2016

Founder and Managing Director Anuj Rakyan bagged two awards as the entrepreneur of the year in the c...

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Raw Pressery to Tap the Healthy Snack Market Next in F&B Sector

India’s first cold pressed juice company, to introduce superfoods like Kale, Chia and Spirulina into our juices. Besides having introduced superfoods, we also are the first to bottle Tangerines, Celery, Blueberries, Aloe Vera, Lemon Grass, Beetroot and Almond Milk among the other juice blends into our juice portfolio.

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Raw Pressery Launches Cold Pressed Apple Juice

To add to its repertoire of flavours  Raw Pressery has launched apple juice, using apples from Kashmir. The juice is preservative and additive free and made with apples and lemon juice.

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Hooked to sugar? Time to rehabilitate your taste buds

How often in a day do you mindlessly pop candy into your mouth? Or hesitate to add another spoonful of sugar to your morning tea? 

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RAW Pressery awarded at 10th Annual Coca-Cola Golden Spoon Awards

The 10th Annual Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards has honoured RAW Pressery for ‘Best example of a Brand-Retailer partnership to drive category growth and profitability’. RAW Pressery is the first cold-pressed juice brand to be introduced in India, with the aim of offering consumers a convenient way of boosting health on-the-go.

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RAW Pressery launches first smoothie product 'LIFE'

RAW Pressery, India's first and largest clean label food and beverage company has launched its latest smoothie offering 'LIFE', which is created with a delicious blend of strawberries, blueberries, bananas, apples and pineapples.

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#NowTrending: Cold Pressed Juices Publication: Grazia

Taking on the humble juices that we have been painstakingly making in our kitchens, is the cold-pressed variety. Pressed rather than processed, and often delivered straight to your doorstep.

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The last cleanse you should try before the binging season begins

Each year as I get closer to the holiday season, a little voice inside my head whispers ‘the feast is now open’. Almost in Dumbledore’s voice at the start of the year at Hogwarts. 

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Fit & Proper: Cold-pressed juice cleanse: Are you doing it right?

A cold-pressed juice cleanse is like yoga for your body. Like yoga, it can do wonders, but there is a procedure that most people are unaware of or underestimate. 

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RAW Pressery gets fresh funds from Sequoia Capital, others

Rakyan, maker of RAW Pressery, will use the funds to expand capacity and launch a range of low-priced beverages and smoothies 

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Investors find more juice in RAW Pressery

Sequoia Capital has led a fresh round of funding, estimated at about Rs 31 crore, in its portfolio company, Rakyan Beverages Private Limited, which owns, manufactures and operates cold press juice brand Raw Pressery.

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Food startups: Does it make sense to buy pricey packaged juices?

Many food start-ups today claim to offer ‘fresh’ fruit juice. But does it really make sense to buy these expensive packaged juices when you could just hop over to your local juice-wallahs?/

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₹30-cr Series B to juice up RAW Pressery expansion...

Cold-pressed fresh juice company RAW Pressery will launch its largest plant in Mumbai in mid-May, according to founder Managing Director Anuj Rakyan...

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Can cold-pressed juice startups like RAW Pressery give established beverage brands a run for their money?

Can cold-pressed juice startups like RAW Pressery give established beverage brands a run for their money?

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