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Serving Answers
How often should I do the cleanse?

We recommend doing a 1-day cleanse once a week to help you maintain your new healthier lifestyle.

Isn't it true that our bodies are capable of cleansing naturally? If so, why should I partake in the cleansing trend?

It is definitely true to say that our bodies cleanse naturally and constantly but with the stress of modern life, processed food, pollution and other environmental factors, we need a little extra help. We like to think of our cleanse program as a way to reset healthy eating habits and give our digestive system a break. Cleansing is a great way to bring balance into your life.

What precautionary measures should I take before/after the cleanse?

2-3 days prior to the cleanse:


Drink plenty of water to hydrate your system.

Eat Light
Incorporate plenty of raw fruits and salads.


Red Meat, Dairy and Gluten.

Alcohol and Nicotine


3 days post-cleanse:

Day 1: Add in raw fruits, salads, nuts & seeds and light veggie soups.
Day 2: Add in gluten-free grains (e.g. brown rice) and lentils.

Day 3: Add small servings of animal products and eggs if you wish.

Don’t jump into anything too strenuous straight after your juice cleanse. It is best to see how you feel and take things at your own pace.

During the cleanse:

Day 1: Add in raw fruits, salads, nuts & seeds and light veggie soups.
Day 2: Add in gluten-free grains (e.g. brown rice) and lentils.

Day 3: Add small servings of animal products and eggs if you wish.

Don’t jump into anything too strenuous straight after your juice cleanse. It is best to see how you feel and take things at your own pace.

DO’s [vectors]

Start right
Start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon to help digestion.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day to aid the cleansing process.

Herbal tea
One or two cups of green tea can pep you up.

Try and get 8 hours of sleep each night to help cellular recovery.

Avoid intense exercise but try and go for a walk or do some stretching

Write down your health goals to commit to a healthier lifestyle, meditate or listen to some music

If you have to deviate from the cleanse, choose a raw salad or a piece of fruit to nibble on.

When can I expect to see results?

To reap the benefits of your cleanse, we advise you to lead a holistic and healthy lifestyle and get plenty of rest. The cleanse will help you to build immunity, boost your metabolism, reduce cravings, reduce water retention and get that radiant glow.

Will I lose weight on a cleanse?

Our cleanses help with weight management and reduce water retention. While they are primarily designed for cleansing your system, you may find that the scales shift and that you lose weight as your body flushes out excess water and toxins. Cleansing on a regular basis will help to restore natural balance and enhance your shape.

Can I do a RAW cleanse if I am lactose or gluten intolerant?

YES! Our juices are 100% gluten and dairy-free and completely vegetarian.

Can I have these juices as food replacement?

Our juices make a healthy meal replacement or snack when consumed as part of a balanced diet.

Can my kids drink RAW Pressery juice?

Absolutely! Our juices are great for boosting energy naturally and make a great snack for kids.

I'm allergic to a certain ingredient. Can you replace the flavor in my cleanse?

We don't customize juices in a cleanse as all the juices are approved by experts and fulfil different requirements of the body, if we remove one juice, the cleanse might not be as affective as it is meant to be. However we do customize juices in subscriptions. You can give us a call at 9920453453 to know more about subscription plans.

I’m diabetic – which juice is best? Which juice has least amount of natural sugar?

We would usually recommend TRIM (Kale, Spinach, Doodhi, Amla, Celery, Green Apple, Ginger, Lemon) as the best juice for diabetics. It is rich in leafy greens and has a powerhouse of nutrients to help alkalize your system but please do contact our nutritionist first.

Can I exercise while on a cleanse?

To get the most out of your cleanse and see the best results, we recommend you follow the advice and timings provided by our experts.

Can I switch the order of the juices?

To get the most out of your cleanse and see the best results, we recommend you follow the advice and timings provided by our experts.

Who should do a 1-day cleanse?

Anyone who wants to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes big things have small beginnings.

Who should do a 2-day or a 3-day cleanse?

Someone who is already dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and has the capacity to juice for a longer time. It’s good to challenge your body once in a while.

Why am I running to the bathroom?

Don't be concerned. It's your body's natural response to flushing out toxins and excess water

What is the difference between cold-pressed, homemade and packaged juices?

Existing packaged juices in the market contain preservatives, chemicals, growth hormones, stabilizers and are full of added sugar. While our juices are made of 100% raw fruits and vegetables, tetrapak juices in the market typically contain only 8-10% fruit or vegetables.

RAW Pressery juices are not pasteurized at high temperatures and contain no chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours or added sugar. In addition, household juicers or blenders involve a high-speed rotating blade or strainer, which create heat and cause oxidation, destroying vital nutrients in the juice.

As no heat or air is thrust through the juice during the cold-pressing process, it retains far more nutrition and living enzymes are kept intact. This allows you to absorb the maximum nutrients, vitamins and minerals possible from the raw produce.

How do you source and then clean the fruits and vegetables?

We choose only the freshest and best quality fruits and vegetables and source these directly from local farms. To ensure that they have the most vibrant color and flavor around the year, we assess the soil quality, water availability and how accessible the produce is. We also have contract-vendor relationships with our farmers to support the growing farming industry in India.

We take care of the peeling, chopping and shredding of the fruits and vegetables before the cold-press process begins. We ensure the produce never comes into contact with human hands as it turns from solid to liquid form.

All our products are FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) certified and we follow strict HACIP guidelines.

Where is your production facility?

Our production facility that works hard to deliver juices to you is in Panvel, Maharashtra.

Who prepares all these juices?

We have an experienced and dedicated team based in our facility in Panvel, Maharashtra who produce the juices on a daily basis.

Can I give the empty bottles to the delivery person?

If you'd like to be part of our recycling drive and have your bottles collected, please email us at to join the green revolution.

Do you deliver juices on Sundays as well?

We deliver juices 7 days a week only in Mumbai. They arrive by 10am on Sundays as we also like to sleep in a little extra.

How do I know that my juices are spoilt?

The only way the juices can spoil if they are exposed to heat and humidity or if they are past their best before date. If your juice bottle is bloated or the juice is fizzing or smells acidic then please do not consume it. Please call us on 02249263333 and we will solve your doubts.

What should I do if the juices are late?

In the rare, unfortunate event that your juices are running late, please give us a call and we will trace your delivery for you.

What time do the juices get delivered?

The juices are delivered anytime between 6.00am to 9.00am (Monday – Saturday) in Mumbai and Pune.

Who delivers the juice?

We have an extensive last-mile delivery system and deliver the juices to your door seven days a week.

Are the bottle BPA free?

Our bottles and caps are food grade PET and 100% BPA free. They are also completely recyclable.

How many Calories are in your juices?

Calories aren’t bad for you – they are just a measure of energy! Please don't think of our Cleanse programs as a weight reduction diet; we want to get you out of that mentality and see them as part of a lifestyle. You can view the nutritional chart on each bottle and our Juices page.

How should I store my juice?

Keep them cool. Store them in the coldest part of your refrigerator, between 0 and 4 degrees if possible. Just like milk. Kindly adjust your refrigerator temperature as per the weather as and when needed.

I find my juice has divided into the lower sediment part and the upper clear juice fluid looks like water ?

We use a variety of ingredients in all our juices, some produce clear juice (such as apple and lemon) and some produce soluble fibre as a by-product, for example spinach and kale. Therefore sometimes the heavier sediments tend to settle at the bottom portion of the bottle. There’s no need to worry, just shake and take.

I’ve heard fibre is good for you and these juices don’t have much fibre?

Our juices contain plenty of soluble fibre as well as an abundance of vitamins, minerals and trace amount of insoluble fibre. While insoluble fibre can be helpful, it slows down digestion and expends important energy. During a cleanse, your body has time to flush out excess water and toxins and restore balance.

The colour of my juice looks different today. What is the reason?

As the ingredients are completely natural, the colours of raw fruit and vegetables vary with each changing season. For example, pomegranates are much lighter in the summer than in the winter months.

What are the visible benefits of these juices and when do I see them?

This varies from individual to individual. The juices provide you with an instant dose of healthy nutrition and the benefits can be felt immediately by many. For those doing a cleanse, it may take a few hours or days. Some of the benefits of our juice cleanses include a regulated, nourished colon, increased energy and stamina, improved mental clarity, better sleep patterns and a radiant complexion.

Where do I get my protein?

Don’t overlook the significant amount of protein that comes from living plant foods. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and they are in all fruits and vegetables. The almond content in our BUILD and spirulina in our LEAN provide you with plenty of plant-based protein too.

Why don’t you use glass bottles?

Interestingly plastic is a better choice for us than glass for the following reasons:

  • Plastic uses less energy than glass to be recycled.
  • It is lighter than other bottle options, which means less fuel is used to create and deliver each bottle.
Will you be launching new flavors and products?

Our team is working hard to develop new flavors for you to enjoy. Get in touch with us via our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages - we'd love to hear your ideas!

Apart from home delivery, where else can we purchase RAW juices?

We are currently available in Mumbai and Pune for home-delivery and in a number of retail stores including all Hypercity, Nature’s Basket and FoodHall stores as well as spas, salons, gyms, yoga centres, hotels and corporate offices.

Are your juices currently available in my city?

We are currently available in Mumbai and Pune. If you’d like us to come to your city, please email us at so you’re the first to know when we get there!

How do I know which juices to choose?

We recommend choosing a mix of our juices so you get plenty of variety. We can help guide you, just give us a call on +91 9920453453

How should I consume these juices?

The juice can be consumed at any time of day although early in the morning or mid-afternoon is a great way to enjoy them.

Can I pay cash on delivery?

The easiest way to pay is online when you register through our website or you can call us on +91 9920453453 and we’ll send you a payment link. For all payment transactions, we use secure SSL encryption technology - the highest standards available on the Internet.

You could also send us payment in cash or cheque at RAW HQ:

Rakyan Beverages Pvt. Limited

2nd Floor, DTC Bldg,

Sitaram Mills

Delisle Road

NM Joshi Marg

Lower Parel (E)

Mumbai 400011

What is your refund policy?

In the unfortunate event that there is an issue with your order, please get in touch with us at or call +91 9920453453

When do I need to make the payment?

All payments need to be received in advance so we can process your order.