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RAW Pressery

Sugarcane - 250ML

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We bring you the sweet taste of sugarcane in a bottle! Presenting Raw Pressery’s ‘Ganne ka Rass’ without the fuss! Treat your tastebuds with a bottle of refreshing Sugarcane Juice infused with a dash of lemon to balance its sweetness.

Did You Know?

Sugarcane might be popularly perceived as a fruit, but it is actually a tall tropical grass like bamboo. Did you know that the majority of the cane is juice? It’s loved by people across the globe, and India is actually the world’s largest and oldest producer of sugarcane!

The Inside Story

At Raw Pressery, we simply combined the flavours of sugarcane with some lemon for this sugarcane juice. This delicious juice is the cool drink you need on a hot summer day and we made sure to only use premium ingredients for you. Get your Vitamin C fix from India’s first bottled ‘ganne ka rass’.

How To Use

Drink it with your breakfast or pack it for your lunch. Grab it as a midday beverage or enjoy it post-dinner. This juice is ideal on a hot day and everyone from kids to adults can enjoy a good sugarcane drink!

Health Benefits

Loaded with Vitamin C which is known for its various health benefits.

Please note: As our juices are made with fruit, their colour may vary from season to season and batch to batch.

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Sugarcane - 250ML
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Sugarcane - 250ML
Sugarcane - 250ML