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RAW Pressery

Mixed Fruit - 200ML

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Why pick one fruit when you can enjoy a blend of many? We handpicked sugarcane, guava, mango, and more to bring you a Mixed Fruit Juice that is out of this world.

Did You Know

Guava, one of the main fruits in this drink, is known as the ‘super fruit’. Why? It can contain vitamin C, as well as important nutrients like iron, magnesium etc. This drink is a labour of love and patience, given that sugarcanes take more than 9 to 24 months to grow fully.

The Inside Story

Raw Pressery’s mixed fruit juice has sugarcane, mango, papaya, guava, carrot, pomegranate, and pineapple juice with a squeeze of lemon. It is packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, which can be super beneficial for your health. All the ingredients are responsibly sourced.

How To Use

Sip on this mixed fruit juice at breakfast for a great start to the day and give your body a dose of refreshment. The naturally occurring sugars in this drink can give you a burst of energy, which makes this a perfect pre-workout drink. Kids love this juice and you should share it with your friends and family. Grab a bottle, shake, open & savour this delectable juice!

Please note: As our juices are made with fruit, their colour may vary from season to season and batch to batch.

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Mixed Fruit - 200ML
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Mixed Fruit - 200ML
Mixed Fruit - 200ML