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DO THE Cleanse
Flush out the toxins, detox your body with our effective cleansing programs: Light, Deep and Beauty Cleanse. Choose your healthy RAW Cleanse now!
  • JUST F Cleanse

    Just F Cleanse is a beautiful compilation of 6 special juices containing our new beauty agents – Matcha and Activated Charcoal that make your skin dazzle with a healthy glow.


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    Also known as the Expert Cleanse, the carefully crafted Deep Cleanse contains 6 healthy juices that are loaded with plant protein and fibre to boost your metabolism. Pick this one to get the perfect start for a detox diet and flush out all the bad in a natural way.


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    Jump-start your weight loss diet with this gut-friendly cleanse that helps you burn fat and eventually eliminate the bad without feeling light-headed or weak. Eat whatever you want, whenever you want and let the fiber cleanse take it from there.


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    Loaded with the goodness of carefully selected fruits and vegetables, the Light Cleanse offers the most gentle gut cleanse diet regime. Side effects of this cleanse include feeling lighter and revitalised. Take note of that before you pick this one!


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  • skinSKIN

    Lends a glow to your skin

  • digestionDIGESTION

    Lets your gut relax and improves digestion


    Helps in weight management

  • hearthHEART

    Make your heart healthy and strong


    Helps to lead a healthier lifestyle 

  • nutritiousNUTRITIOUS

    Rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals & fiber


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