Delivering cold pressed juice to your doorstep in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi and Gurgaon
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  • cold pressed pomegranate juice


    4 x 250 ml of juice. POMEGRANATE
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  • heart

    Elixir for your heart

    Pomegranate juice improves blood flow and blood pressure to give you a healthy heart

  • cholesterol

    Lowers cholesterol level

    This sparkling red juice controls the blood's bad choelsterol level

  • Pomegranate


Fitness + Wellness, Food + Nutrition

It’s all about the balance – Exercise V/S Diet.

The big secret which is unknown to many is that to be fit you need to follow an 80/20 routine which is basically 80% Diet and 20% Exercise. Exercise has its own place, however, it is handicap without a healthy and balanced diet. So read more to find out about this 80/20 ratio.

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