Delivering cold pressed juice to your doorstep in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi and Gurgaon
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Raw Bundles

    Activated charcoal in DETOX and Matcha in LIGHT. Meet the new kids on the block!

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  • 3xHEAL

    The perfect cure for a sore throat, this pack of 3 is your answer to higher immunity and good health.

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  • 3xPure

    As the name suggests, our Wheatgrassx3 shots bundle is the best way to kickstart your mornings.

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  • Apple + Orange

    Here's a bundle that pleases your palate with a sweet (apple) and sour (oranges) combination of anti oxidants and Vitamin C. With the goodness of tart and citrus bundles together, this is the juiciest way to health.

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  • Ganne Ka Rass

    Cherish your childhood memories with our Ganne Ka Rass. It's clean, it's fresh and it's full of taste.

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    India's first pure POM juice, your heart's best friend. A pom juice a day keeps all the cholesterol away!

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    Green, clean and lean is what you will always feel once you get onto this pack. The grass is greener on our side.

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  • And Nothing Else

    Bringing the goodness of just the fruit and nothing else straight to you, fibre from the fruits will enrich you with pure nutrition.

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    Packed with strawberry and blueberry, this smoothie is rich in anti-oxidants that keeps you younger!

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    Balances your digestive system and pumps in alkaline in your body. Try this bundle to truly sooth yourself.

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Beauty and the Cleanse

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