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    All you need is Love

    11 Aphrodisiacs to Try this V-Day.

    P.C.- https://www.tumblr.com


    February is pegged as the month of love. So aphrodisiacs are synonymous with this one. People often consider aphrodisiacs old wives’ tales, but there is a subtle science to this.

    There are certain foods that increase your sex drive and libido and have been proven to get you going, they may not do the job of a PED, but they’ll get you there. Here are 11 natural foods that act as aphrodisiacs.

    P.C. eats-arts.com

    A heady concoction of pure pom is sure to get you in the mood.


    Not only does it eliminate toxins, but a strong brew of matcha is also perfect for that v-day vibe.


    Not surprising, we know, but strawberries with their content of Vit C have been touted as a symbol of love since ancient Roman times.

    P.C.- upcloseandtasty.com

    The most widely known aphrodisiacs, oysters have a high level of amino acids that trigger your sex hormones.

    P.C.- flickr.com

    Not the sexiest fruit in the world, but watermelons are known to relax the blood vessels, similar to what Viagra does.


    This vegetable undeniably is associated with sex. And for good reason, the Vitamin C and manganese in cucumbers are known to boost one’s libido.

    P.C.- playfulcooking.com

    Invariably, chocolates are associated with love. The theobromine along with phenethylamine in chocolates are known to release dopamine and endorphins, a.k.a. happy hormones.

    P.C.- lynnkarlinphoto.com

    The colour of love is ample in this boron-rich vegetable, which is known to increase the sex drive in both men and women.

    P.C. –womenshealthsa.co.za

    These refreshing fruits are known to increase sexual desire and rejuvenating enzymes to get you hot to trot.

    P.C.- recipetineats.com

    Ancient Indian literature (read the Kamasutra) has called mango a “divine” fruit, known to stimulate and cause arousal.

    P.C.- cosmopolitan.fr

    11.Aloe Vera:
    This green food is great to stimulate blood circulation to the pelvic region and helps you perform in the boudoir.

    Include these foods in your special Valentine’s Day meal with bae and make it a night you’ll remember.

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