The stories a place can hide and tell. Somewhere tucked cosily between the Bay of Bengal and the vast Indian Ocean and laced with lush wildlife and white sandy beaches, the mystical and alluring island of Andaman, is a land untouched and yet somehow so familiar that tourists fall in love at the first sight.

An untouched beauty, this Island hides secrets of the underwater pretty well. Known best for it’s divine dive spots, the Andaman Islands are sure to keep you mesmerized for a good amount of time once you return. See some of our most recommended spots to visit below:


1) Havelock:

Havelock islands are only about 4 hours away by ferry from Port Blair, the hustling bustling capital of Andamans. A dive haven for most ocean enthusiasts, this little island has a vibe you cannot get enough of. Stay at any of the below mentioned options, all of the below have excellent dive shops with cool dive instructors.
Barefoot Scuba –
Dive India –
Once you’ve signed up for your dive course, open water or advanced we promise the dive sites here will open up a whole new world of wonder for you – pretty common sightings are:
Reef sharks, Rays, Scorpion fish, Angel fish, Clown fish – yes there are plenty of Nemo’s out in the deep blue Andaman Ocean.
This island also has a stretch of white sandy beaches and pure blue water, beach no. 7 and beach no. 3 are our personal favourites.


2) Guitar Island:

Walking through a secluded sandy beach overlooking a deep opal ocean seems like a scene out of a movie impossible to experience in real life, doesn’t it? Probably because the wildly beautiful Guitar beach is inadvertently Andaman’s best kept secret. Located on the eastern coast of the islands, just off the Long Island, this serene beach has a beauty that will stun your senses and make your throat hurt.


3) Limestone Caves:

Formed by years of erosion, the stalactites and the stalagmites come together in these caves to form structures that boggle the mind and intrigue the soul. Located at the Baratang Island, these caves are one of the most beautiful creations of nature and have much more to offer in the form of a boat ride through the tribal area of the island.


4) Ross and Smith Island:

A few miles away from Diglipur Jetty, no Andaman trip can be complete without visiting this island. A haven for snorkeling, scuba-diving and all other water sports; these two quaint, unruffled islands are hidden away from the public view. Connected by a narrow stretch of water they resemble a size 0 mermaid, the sights on them are picturesque enough to warrant an entire motion picture.


5) Howrah Bridge:

Known only to the ardent travelers and wanderers, this beautiful structure is naught but 40 kilometres removed from the capital city. Closest to the Neil Island, Howrah Bridge was named thus by the Bengali travelers who first found it. This beautiful rock formation is a sight for sore eyes and a place where you can almost believe magic happens.

So, lose yourself in the sandy white beaches and turquoise blues of the Andaman while taking a trip into the haunting caves filled with the echo of mystery and beauty.

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