Yoga has slowly become an integral part of me, and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come! I’m travelling most of the time, which makes it extremely challenging to maintain a set workout schedule (Life in Tinsel Town!) There is one motto which I make myself stick to, in the studio, on set and at the gym ‘Good things come to those who sweat’.
Yoga, originally also called Yog, is all about how you tune into your body & mind. It’s been 10 years in B-town and million points to Yoga, for being my ultimate stress buster.

1. The Downward DAWG

The downward dog makes me not only feel but look fresh and alive, especially after a looong shoot day. This inverted weight-bearing pose gets the blood flowing to my face giving me a dewy, vibrant look. Who needs a highlighter anyway? It is the best way to filter out all the thoughts going through my mind, and really focus on my posture and breath. Wanna know the best part about this pose though? Miu miu often joins me too!

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2. What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger

Initially, when I just started embracing yoga, I would run at the thought of a headstand. With diligence and practice, I can now do a headstand with a number of variations, (trying not to boast, but failing miserably) only to realise that it is an amazing way to channel any negative energy and also reconnect with your inner self. I do lose my balance often, but what gets me going is doing it over and over again until I feel the steady calm breath as I ease into the asana.

Source: Pop Sugar

3. Channel Your Inner Warrior

Everyone is fighting their own battles, and is a warrior in some way or the other. This next one is for all you warriors out there who are #Nama-slayin’ life. This was my least favourite pose as it involved keeping my core engaged, balancing one leg, finding the centre of my gravity and also concentrating on my breathing. Phew! As much as I dread it, when I go into it, my inner warrior takes over and the feeling I get is unbelievable. The key ingredient to acing this pose is… wait for it…. believing you can do it and nothing else!

4. Start Monkeying Around

The markat aasana or monkey pose is the ‘dream pose’ for most yogis (including me). The split involves patience and technique. A lifelong journey for many yoga practitioners, this one can be quite intimidating at first, but with steady practice and deep rooted love for your body, you can slowly stretch it’s limits. End result? Take a look at the video!

These 4 poses ignite the inner power within me and make me feel FIT AF. The best kind of high is exactly what we all need, especially during the lows in life. Dream it, Believe in it and Do it!

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