On a sunny morning, Dubai woke up to a riveting Yoga session with Jacqueline Fernandez and RAW Pressery. Our very own Bollywood beauty went international with her own Yoga routine with the help of RAW Pressery to bring awareness to benefits of the slow-moving exercise.


It was a one of a kind session as Jacqueline was joined by celebrity Yoga instructor Abbey Bates. The pair teamed up to bring the best of their expertise to the mat.


During the session, Jacqueline claimed “Yoga is mentally and physically very strengthening”. These sentiments were echoed by @abbey.yoga. The duo conducted the hour-long session with ease by the blue sea at a high profile restaurant called El Chiringuito at Rixos, the Palm.


As Jacqueline began the session with Surya Namaskars, the sun was out in full flow providing lots of natural sunlight and Vitamin D. This created the perfect environment for the Yoga session. The heat was no problem, in fact the celebrity experts welcomed it. After the event Jacqueline claimed, “the sweat is great for your skin” as it naturally opens the pores.


Jacqueline and @abbey.yoga guided the group through the twists and turns with their experience. The session included a variety of poses such as Utkatasana, Marichyasana and many more!

Post yoga we provided the #shinyhappy Yogini’s with the healthiest possible hydration and natural juices full of berries and anti-oxidants. We provided a filling breakfast complete with all-natural fruits and drinks.


It was a real stretch and so a post yoga massage was in order with professional masseuses to round off a wonderful morning. We still wonder if the entire experience was a dream, beneath the gorgeous sun and white feathered dream catchers.


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Looking to join the Yoga mania? Here are 5 Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Body And Core.

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