Quoted as one of the most beautiful countries of the world, Cambodia is a land of the Gods and Legends.

Angkor Vat is undoubtedly this country’s prominent tourist attraction but there is so much more to this land of untouched beaches, generous and industrious people with its sleepy coastal nooks and forgotten inland crannies that you need to explore and visit.

Browse through the list to visit some of the most beautiful untouched places in Cambodia :

Banteay Chhmar

1) Banteay Chhmar:

Few lucky travellers who have actually been here call it Cambodia’s best kept secret. Imagine the beautiful and mysterious temples of Angkor Vat, now imagine them without any tourist, absolutely calm and stark, that is exactly what Bantaey Chhmar is. It is one of the oldest and largest temple complexes of Angkor Vat. Far from the Urban cries of Siem Reap, this beautiful complex is the perfect place to have your Tropic Thunder adventure. Also, as the human population here is close to nada you have the whole place to yourself for a cosy retreat.


2) Koh Rong Samloem:

Let us begin with a question, how does a private beach with silvery white sand and beautiful, clear green seas sound? We are assuming your answer is yes.

Hidden somewhere between the rushes of famous cities of Cambodia, this small paradise is just a 2 hour boat ride away from the beaches of Sihanoukville. With its rich plethora of wildlife, there are endless opportunities here for trekking and exploration.


3) Kep:

This small, snug town between the borders of Cambodia and Vietnam is begging for a visit. Laced with small pepper plantations and salt farms, this town is your one stop destination for great food, comfort and adventure. Enjoy the thrill of wildlife in the Kep National Park or visit the Kep crab market for your fill of exotic and delicious sea food you might have never tasted before.


4) Oudong:

A fun and bumpy, 25 mile ride away from the capital city Phnom Penh, this oasis is a place of wonder. Rich with plantations and greenery, this royal village used to be the capital city of Cambodia in the nineteenth century and still has a lot to offer.

5) Pailin:

Inquisitive travellers may be surprised at the mention of this town in the list but some special attractions of this place make it worth it. The outskirts of this town provide an opportunity for trekking as well as soul searching. Hard to beat that, isn’t it? Trek on the blue mountains near Otaveo Waterfall or visit the mysterious temple of Wat Phnom Yat, every experience on the list is completely beguiling and unique to this country.

So, lose yourself in the stunning and lush land of Cambodia and if there is any other special nook that you have discovered, do tell us in the comment section below.

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