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You guys, we need to talk about DJ Khaled’s major lifestyle change. He’s been dropping songs with the likes of Future and Drake and dropping those lbs., at the same time. If any of you follow him on snapchat, you’ll know what’s up. They don’t want him to lose weight, they don’t want him to be healthy, and so you know what he’ll do? Yep, he’s going to lose weight and get healthy.

He’s switched over to a vegan diet, which he says is the major if you’re going to be losing major pounds. He used to devour steaks, and sleep right after resulting in the piling on weight. Because of his careers as a DJ, he used to be out on a road a lot, making him eat at take-out joints, Burger King being his favourite. When he’s not praising the most high, watering his flowers, making music and promoting Ciroc, he’s working out on the treadmill and cross trainer to keep fit.

Inspired by Fat Joe, the rapper, who BTW, is no longer fat and is about 80 pounds lighter, he says, “Now he goes into any store and buys a 1X. He said he feels the best he ever felt and he’s back in the studio working. I think by him losing all this weight, it just inspired him, just more inspiration for him to make more hit records.” Realizing that losing weight would not only be great for when he needs to look fly and buy his Guccis, but would also influence him musically.

He has challenged himself for 22 days to go vegan while unloading his just delivered- pre-packaged meals from 22 Days Nutrition. “I’m officially going vegan right now — 22 days… I’m not playing. I’m challenging myself,” he said in a Snapchat video (shocking, right?).

Let’s see how long he makes it. We’re sending him some mad “fan luv” to keep him going.

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