If marathons excite you and running out of money is not the only exercise you indulge in, we’re sure you’d be practising hard for the marathon season. As it’s said, whatever you ever wanted to know about yourself, you can learn it in 26.2 miles. 26.2 miles is a big number and to satisfy all your (h)runger from the run, we’ve got a little guide on the drinks for runners.

1. What was that one thing that had you believe in what you were doing (or what you wanted to do then) and that was the right thing for you? I think the feeling I had after I did my first illustration job made me believe that it was truly what I wanted to do. I didn’t actually believe I could do it initially as a full time job, but I knew that it would make me ultimately happy if I did end up doing it. It was a feeling of absolute satisfaction at every step of the way and I couldn’t compare it to anything else I had ever done.

2. Could you share with us the struggles that you faced, right when you started. What helped you overcome them?

I remember when I just started freelancing, it was so hard, that I could hardly make ends meet. It was an awful mix of wondering if what I was striving for was worth it, and being broke at the same time. I’m glad I was not too far from being a student and was already pretty adept at living a budget lifestyle. I’ve never really had it easy so I think persistence is what got me through those times. And also making pacts with myself to do things that I was not comfortable with, but things I knew would help me in my profession. Simple things like putting my work out there and meeting new people were scary doings but overcoming shyness and being consistent with my diligence made things work out at the end.

3.How do you define strength? Could you tell us more about your strengths and the course of developing them as an inspiration for our readers?

Strength, I believe, is persistence. I think the one thing I know I’ve strived towards is pushing through times that are hard by just doing and doing some more. Mental blocks, personal barriers are all things that one can overcome by slowly and steadily working your way through them and I think those were career-building in my case.

4. Have you ever faced a situation where you thought “It would have been easier if I were a guy”. How did you overcome it?

Perhaps the only time I’ve been so starkly angry at the gender-bias in our society is strangely enough at the post offices. There have been so many questionable incidents that it made me lose so much faith in what I always considered happy spots in cities around the world. Sadly there was nothing happy about being ignored and pretty much bullied. I would like to say I overcame it but the only thing I’m persistent about is showing up regardless.

5. I believe a woman can _________.

—be her happiest self when she makes choices for herself. I think one of the biggest hiccups many women face is making choices based on what society expects and not on what she can make based on her experiences and knowledge about herself. It can so often lead to outcomes that haven’t been intended or wanted.

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