What could all possibly happen in five minutes? Men can get ready and so can women. An entire over can be bowled in cricket. What also makes it to this list is four trucks loaded with plastic. Yeah, not one or two, but FOUR trucks! Approximately every 5 minutes, plastic worth four trucks is dumped in the ocean, as we take for granted one of mankind’s, greatest inventions. Let’s take a step back and understand how our environment is begging us to make a change.

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Don’t Be Plastic

Know something that lives forever and never goes away? Definitely sounds like Plastic. With 50% of the total plastic we use being just once, at least 13 trillion tonnes of plastic ends up in the oceans every year across the globe. Plastic Pollution being such a grave reason, World Environment Day 2018 focuses to “Beat Plastic Pollution” with India being the global host. In order to reduce single use plastic and their impact on the oceans, popular brands such as National Geographic and Adidas have come forward with their solutions in order to curb plastic pollution.

One of the ways to cut those numbers down is to prefer goods packaged using non-plastic materials. This would also cut down your consumption of processed foods that don’t do good to your body. Instead, choose everything that’s minimally processed, thus more organic and natural. For everything we can’t do away with the plastic, why not get creative with it?

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Our motto is simple, ALL GIVE. NO TAKE. Then why should we end up taking from the earth – by not managing the waste that is created from our plastic bottles. In order to reduce the carbon footprint we leave behind, our #RAWCYCLE initiative is an attempt at turning trash into treasure. We’ve successfully converted discarded bottles into tote bags, bed linens, t-shirts, in order to preserve the environment. Moreover, the leftover pulp after cold-pressing the fruits is also sent back to the farmers we work with, to be used as manure, thus minimising wastage.

This World Environment Day, we urge all of our readers and followers to come ahead and pledge towards a cleaner, zero waste environment. Along with plastic, there are other gripping concerns, jeopardising the environment. Here’s a look at a few of them that also need attention.


Reduce Thy Footprint

Everything we do, everything we eat, the water and the electricity we consume, every small action leaves behind a reaction. At the current pace of consuming resources, studies suggest that we might need 1.6 Earths to absorb our waste and provide the necessary resources. However, we only have one. The only way out is reduce our footprint by following these 4 easy steps.

  • Avoid excess of anything.
  • Prefer products that are eco-friendly or cause minimum damage to the environment.
  • Prefer local and organic produce instead of packaged ones
  • Reuse, Recycle and Upcycle as much as possible

Here’s how you can do more to live green.

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Waste Reduction

Minimal. That’s the level of our efforts, at least for most of us when it comes to reducing wastage. Amongst all the other waste, food wastage is one that needs urgent attention and can be curbed with the least efforts. The problem is so grave that about one-third of all the food produced in the world is wasted, without ever reaching one’s stomach, says this UN study. Despite various initiatives by the Indian government, we’re yet to see major improvements when it comes to food wastage. However, it is not only just the government that needs to take steps. Here’s something inspirational for all you planet protectors out there!. This lady in Denmark helped to reduce food wastage by 25% in five years by bringing about a change in the thinking patterns of consumers.

Pollution pinned you down? Here are the foods and fruits that can help beat pollution

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