Demanding clients, nearing deadlines, never ending task lists, technical glitches got you pinned at work? Desperate times calls for desperate measures and such hectic days calls for being extra sharp and productive at work. Until someone comes up with an all good, no bad energy pill, here’s the next best thing for you to stay energised at work on such busy days.

1. Rise And Shine

You guessed it right, because it’s exercise time! You barely have enough time to get adequate sleep and we’re asking you to squeeze in some workout or a physical activity. That too on a busy day! Nah, we haven’t gone nuts. You may skip the gym but accommodating a 15-20 minute brisk walk or a power yoga session can set the energy patterns for the day. Know anything better that can matcha such a perfect start!

2. Not A Cereal Killer

Running latte on such a busy day? To stay away from fatigue, make sure you keep up the energy by eating healthy throughout the day. A continuous intake of food, right from the breakfast ensures you have the energy levels soaring.

3. Sleep Working

This one might seem impossible, but can really be very helpful. All of us have that one cozy corner in the office that is constantly calling you, to relax, take a power nap and calm yourself. Hear the calling? Do it! Power naps or quick meditation sessions will give your eyes a break from glaring at the computer screen and your mind from all the work.

4. Bring Snacks, A Lot Of Them

Work days just become more interesting with friends and munchies. Power packed snacks prove to be the best saviour that one can have, especially on a extra long and stressful day. Frequent munching can take you a long way, even up to sixteen hours. Still looking for more reasons to always have them in your desk, or the bag, or everywhere?

5. A Cup Of Positivitea

Smile, not because you have to, but because you are being extra productive and doing great things. Having a positive mood is another essential on such days. Schedule a couple of minutes to do stuff that makes you smile and uplifts your mood. Look forward to breaks that give you such opportunities, even if they include just getting up from your chair and walking. Yeah, we did say that, but taking a walk in the office doesn’t give you a reason to amp up the number of coffee cups. Rather, go healthy and choose some fresh juices to give you the energy you would require.

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