If there is anything that stands the test of time in this world, it is the unconditional love of a mother. She was, she is and she will always be the most valuable person in your life. Why not pamper her completely and give her a day of relaxation in style?

This Mother’s Day, gift your mom a RAW Beauty Cleanse and enjoy a whopping 15% discount with coupon code RAWMOM. Not just this, for this special occasion, we have collaborated with the sexiest lifestyle hub in town – The Label Life. First few Beauty Cleanse buyers will get their hands on a sleek set of brass cocktail stirrers worth Rs. 1940 that will inject a dose of regal to your bar cart and party. So, make your drinks your style statement.

Make your pretty lady feel even more beautiful with our Beauty Cleanse that comes with the below six juices + 1 turmeric booster and a whole spa experience at home. Can there be a better Mother’s Day gift idea than this?

The What, Why and How

7:00 AM
Heal: With the goodness of turmeric, cayenne, coconut water and pineapple, this healing potions power ups the body’s defense miraculously.

9:00 AM
Trim: A cold pressed collection of fiber rich veggies like kale, doodhi, spinach & celery along with juicy green apples served with a lemony-gingery twist to boost your metabolism like magic.

11:30 AM
Life: A berry rich juice loaded with skin rejuvenating properties of blue berries and strawberries along with the tropical tastes of pineapple and banana.

Spa at home: Enjoy a spa like treatment at home with deliciously aromatic Expresso Body Scrub and rejuvenating Rhassoul Clay face pack.

2:00 PM
Flush: Out with toxins, in with the nutrition. Sip on and detox your body with this fibrous blend of carrots, beetroots and apples coupled with digestive boosters – ginger and lemon.

4:00 PM
Detox: Purify your body with the newest member of RAW beauty family – activated charcoal blended deliciously with honey, lemon and rock salt to please the taste buds.

7:00 PM
Glow: This juice detox for the skin contains vitamin rich cucumber, aloe, coconut water, pineapple, lemon grass & lemon that nourish the skin beautifully to pull out the hidden glow.

9:30 PM
Light: With the magical charms of the Matcha pressed with kale, apple, coconut water, guava, kale, mint & lemon; this juice is the most delicious anti-aging solution

Get your Zen mode on: End your day of pure relaxation with fresh and fragrant cups of Marigold and Long Island green tea.

Well, we can already see your mom thanking you with a huge smile, and a cold-pressed hug! So, don’t think twice. Make this day truly special for your mom.

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