On a Sunday morning, as Anshuka leans in for Padangusthasana, everyone in the room follows her. On the other hand, the energy and the positivity levels are unmatched as Mehak dives in Urdhva Hastasana (Upward Salute) to a forward bend with her bunch of yogis and yoginis in Bengaluru. While in Delhi, Noor, Charu and Tanya are helping yoga-lovers to help channelise their inner-yogis with Vinyasa yoga.

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June 21st is the day of the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The same date is also celebrated with a special significance to yoga in several countries since PM Narendra Modi’s proposal of an International Yoga Day was accepted by the UN General Assembly in 2014, for a united celebration of this supernatural power.

It’s no secret that Yoga helps you to connect to your inner self. It helps us transform, instill positive energy and unite the mind and soul. We’re sure all the yogis reading this would agree. And in the quest to extend this experience to as many as possible, the International Yoga Day celebration has grown multifold since its inception in 2015.

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Following the famous statement – Sky above, Earth below and Peace within, mass Yoga Day events hosted across the globe for people to come together and perform various asanas have been the talk of the town. Leading the pact, India’s city Mysuru, in 2017, hosted a mass yoga event that was attended by 55,506 people, setting a world record of having the largest number of participants for a yoga lesson ever. Yes, you read that correct.

Following Mysuru’s lead, Kota, this year has already logged over one lakh (and still counting) people participating in the 4th year of the Yoga Day event. Not only Mysuru and Kota, cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru as well as Dehradun are gearing up as well to host mass Yoga Events as well on International Yoga Day with renowned yoga trainers and other celebrities. Not only across India, countries such as Dubai, Bangladesh, China, South Africa along with many others are gearing up for the year’s widest spiritual celebration as well!

Adding on to this mega celebration was our initiative to rise, this Yoga Day. Yoga Rise, a multi-city event that had yoga lovers joining us for a relaxing yoga session along with renowned yoginis, in an attempt to channelize their inner yogis. In Mumbai, Anshuka coached the yogis with the super-beneficial Vinyasa yoga, along with an emphasis on slower, flowing into yoga poses and the importance of holding the posture. Moving to the south, Bangalore enlightened to the powers of Karmac Healing. Heading up north, Delhi rose with Noor, Charu & Tanya to experience the higher form of meditation, Hatha yoga and its benefits. Following this were some Vinyasa-style yoga aasans where the dynamic flow from one posture to the other, uplifting your mind, body and soul.

Cursing yourself that you missed out on this great yoga session? Well, here’s the good news. The Yoga Rise event will be back soon. Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated for the next Yoga Rise dates. Till then, keep up your ‘om’nism game!

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