Oh dear, another year and another start to the awards season. Kicking it off, the 75th Annual Golden Globes Awards was a night of firsts. First African-American to win best actor in TV drama, first Asian-American actor to win best actor in TV comedy and it was also the first major awards show since Hollywood was gripped in dire straits with allegations. It was also the first time when the Red Carpet was all black. We kid you not.

golden globes 2018

1.   500 Shades Of Black

Ditching the glitz and glamour, solemnity was all that could be felt at the Red Carpet event of the 75th Golden Globes Awards where everyone chose to get their ‘Black’ side out. Well, how we wish we could say that it was for promotion of our all black Detox Bundle. Similar to the #MeToo movement that took the internet by storm, celebrities chose to go with a Fashion ‘Blackout’, in a symbolic show of solidarity with victims of sexual harassment, as part of the #TimesUp movement. Ditching the usual favourite “Who are you wearing?” this year the red carpet buzzed with “Why Black?” as everyone was seen dressed up in black, head to toe. Too Vogue to digest this fact?


2.  One In A Melon

While most of the celebs were spotted flaunting their Black Beauty, there were exceptions that had their own reasons. Barbara Meier, the German model supported the movement in a sheer floral gown that strengthened her belief in the fact that women should wear what they want. Then there was Blanca Blanco, dressed in a stunning red cut-out dress, contributing to the movement in spirit. Indian Origin Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Meher Tatna was in a red ensemble with a ‘Time’s Up’ pin as an accessory. “As part of the Indian culture, it’s customary to wear a festive color and not black, during a celebration,” was quoted as the reason on the internet. Culture over cause? Meh.

3.  Wonder Woman Who?

Wonder Woman, the film that was released in mid-2017, brilliantly portrayed the female superhero character. Amidst the world of male dominated superhero movies, this movie only went on to prove that female superhero character movies were here to stay and not to lie around in a corner. So how many nominations did Wonder Woman get at the Golden Globes 2018? The answer is a big rounding Zero. Not really a wonderful eve for the wonder woman.

4.  Drop The Mic

2017 was a year of surprises especially with the election of Donald Trump (thanks for the meme’s). Since then, everyone’s been waiting for a ‘new day that is on the horizon’. Well, that’s the first catchphrase of 2018, straight from Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the awards. The speech not only earned standing ovations and celebrity tears, but got the ball rolling with a wishful thinking – Opraz for the Prez as #Oprah2020 trended on Social Media. If you haven’t seen it already, grab a tissue right now and get ready.

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