Summer kick starts a nightmarish season of sun tan, sunburns, oily and itchy skin, lack of glow and worst of all – acne outbreaks! With so many problems knocking on the door, you need to have a full-proof plan in place. So tell us, how are you going to battle the sun this summer? Is staying hidden from the sun and missing out on all the outdoor fun your only strategy? If you want to enjoy the summer to the fullest, then here are some super easy and effective skin care tips that will make your summer glowing and beautiful.


1. Don’t forget to exfoliate

In case you don’t know, humans shed skin too. The outer layer of skin, after constant exposure to the environment, dries and dies off. This is the reason behind that dull looking skin. Exfoliation scraps off the dead cells, allowing the inner healthy layers to make it to the surface. Scrub your face at least twice a week for a glowing skin in summer. The best part is that you don’t even need expensive products for this. Homemade face scrubs too, are a wonderful treat for your skin.


2. Wink at the sun with sunscreen

Well you can’t stay in forever, can you? So, step out in the sun with some SPF protection. Sunscreens protect the skin from the harmful UV rays that are responsible for skin aging, sunburns, and even skin cancers. Apply sunscreens with SPF 15 or above before stepping out in the sun. Why just the face? Apply sunscreen on every exposed part of your body like hands, legs, and even neck. Also, apply lip balm every 2 to 3 hours to keep the lips moist.


3. Go natural

Sweat, oil, and make-up is definitely not the nicest combination out there. Hence, summer is the time to lock in all those foundations, compact and liners and go natural. A light moisturizer based sunscreen is enough to keep your skin happy in this season. You may use an alcohol-free toner to keep a check on the oiliness.


4. Sip in all you want

Hydration is the key to good skin and unfortunately, the blazing summer sucks in all the moisture from your body. So, increase your water consumption during summer and gulp down at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. Have more of fruits as they are rich in water and boost your body with essential nutrients. Replace your caffeine-rich teas/coffees with delicious fruit juices like cold-pressed orangecoconut water, nimbu pani, watermelon, apple and even sugarcane.


5. Splash some more

Simply wiping off the sweat is not enough, especially if you have oily skin. Excessive skin oil, sweat, and dirt together clog the skin pores, causing annoying acne breakouts. Wash your face with a deep cleansing face wash, preferably soap free, twice a day at least. Also, splash your face with plain water every 2 to 3 hours to keep the skin hydrated and clean.

That’s it! Skin care is not that difficult, right? Enjoy a good diet, sleep well and follow these skin care home remedies religiously to take care of your skin in summer.


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