There’s no such thing as ‘away’. Do you ever wonder, every time we throw something away, where does it go? After all, it must have gone somewhere, right? What’s certain is that it isn’t gone forever. This is the exact reason why plastic, one of mankind’s best invention has proven to be its major concern as well. Head over to this article to know more about Plastic Pollution.

Yes, the issue is extremely critical and our dependence on them makes recycling and reusing plastic for a healthier environment, more important than ever. This World Environment Day, let’s do a little service to mother Earth that nurtures you, sustains you. Upcycle plastic bottles instead of throwing them away and make space for some fun, kitsch and quirky DIYs!

raw pressery - reuse plastic bottle - bird feeder

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Bird Feeder

Why feed the trash can, when you can feed the hungry birds! Just carve out an opening on either side of a used juice bottle and add some bird seeds into it, and voila! If you’ve got some old wooden spoons or ladle lying around, push them through these holes for the birds to sit on it and enjoy a wholesome meal. Isn’t this uber cool?

raw pressery - reuse plastic bottle - bottle cap painting

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Bottle Cap Art

If you are one of our fresh cold-pressed juice subscriber, finding bottle caps lying around at home will be no difficult. All you need is some paint, couple of brushes and some of your creative juices to make turn it into a reality. Simply glue all the caps in a pattern that you feel like and paint them as you please.

raw pressery - reuse plastic bottle - multi holder

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Multi-Purpose Holder

Want to do your bit but got no time? Here’s the perfect tip for you. Cut your bottle in half and that’s it. That’s how simple this is. You could use them to hold mini-pencils or some crayons and get rid of the cluttered desk. Our favourite way is to paint them in a bright colour, add soil and plant some seeds to see it grow. Who needs expensive fancy pots when you can make them yourself?

raw pressery - reuse plastic bottle - horizontal planters vertical garden

Horizontal Planters

Loved our plant-in-a-bottle idea but prefer something more than beginner-level? Horizontal planters are aesthetically more pleasing and are a notch up being environmentally-friendly as it utilizes almost the entire bottle. For the ones who don’t mind getting creative and spending some extra time on it, here’s what you can do. Cut a hole across the bottle horizontally, fill it up with soil and seeds. Water them regularly and see your vertical garden grow.

raw pressery - reuse plastic bottle - plastic dustbin

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We’re trying so hard to upcycle plastic bottles and there are others buying trash cans made from plastic to dispose off the waste. Now we understand that trash cans are important, however, can’t it be made from something not damaging us already? Why create more waste just to dump waste! Follow this guide to make your own DIY trash can from used plastic bottles and be the hero who saves the environment, not just the day. 

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