Did you know brands have sections of their organisations especially devoted to aisle placement in store? Yes, you’ve been falling prey to these stunts since the inception of super markets and mega marts. The products are strategically placed in order for you to shop for the products that they would like to push to you. So we’re breaking it down for you. We’re giving you healthy shopping and eating hacks to save you from becoming a grocery store zombie.


1. Healthy products line the aisles, so stick to the outer perimeter of the store. Don’t go towards the middle, because it’s a trap. All the processed, no-good-for-you food sits in the middle and it lures you in with its wily charms, compelling you to purchase it.

2. Never shop hungry. You’re bound to be attracted to food that’s unhealthy and the food you crave. Because let’s face it, when you’re hungry AF, celery sticks are not your go to! The best time to go shopping, ideally, would be after a meal.


3. READ YOUR LABELS! The pretty packaging might be a huge draw and it might have words emblazoned like “gluten-free”, “fat-free”, “sugar-free”, but it doesn’t necessary equal that it’s good for you. Check the number of ingredients (hint: there shouldn’t be too many) and check whether it’s processed (hint: you should be able to pronounce all of them).

4. Always, always, always stick to your list. It’s harder to deviate and be drawn into the temptation to buying not only gorgeously packaged (unhealthy) food, but also helps you stick to your budget without your wallet bearing the brunt of it.


5. Organic doesn’t mean better. You can skip organic foods when they are specific to thick-skinned foods like avocado, pineapples, cabbage, mango, papaya, kiwi and cauliflower. But while buying apples, strawberries, celery, tomatoes, grapes and potatoes, organic is the way to go.

Use these tips, tricks and hacks to maneuver through the grocery store without being made a fool of!

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