Sula Vineyards, Nashik will see the 10th edition of the extremely lit SulaFest and we’re absolutely psyched to be sponsoring it. For anyone who’s been living under a rock, Sula Fest is a 3-day festival that combines music, food, juices and great wine, and let us tell you, it’s hella fun. The scenic escapades of the vineyards are unparalleled and the weather is absolutely perfect, this time of the year. There’s never a moment of boredom at Sula because there are a bunch of activities for you to enjoy.

Now that we’ve got you at the edge of your seat, the dilemma arises. What shall you wear while you eat, drink and make merry at the Sula Vineyards this weekend? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered (literally).

So ladies, these are our top 5 activities to enjoy at Sula Fest 2017, and what you must wear to them:

1. Music:
This probably goes without saying, but music is a very important part of the festivities at the Fest. There are going to be over 120 artists spread across 3 stages and numerous genres. This is going to leave you spoiled for choice and you’ll find yourself torn in different directions and genres. Indian and International acts will take the stages and Find the lineup here and mark out your favourites so that you can plan your day around them!
 How to Dress: You can never go wrong with the boho-chic vibe, so start with a kimono styled cover up. Wear comfy footwear because hey, you’re going to want to dance. Come armed with your sunscreen and ready to sip on RAWPressery + Sula‘s signature drink – RAW Mimosa (Orange Juice + Rose Seco) to keep you going through the day(or night).
2. Camping

Great vibes, amazing weather and a starry sky- what else does one need? Spend your night under the star-studded sky while camping out in a tent, enjoy a jam sesh by campfire or just grab a meal by the barbeque; we’re not entirely sure if it gets better than this. Sula Fest 2017 is going to be boasting an array of accommodation options, but we’re leaning towards this one.
How to Dress: If you want to be a happy camper (sorry, we had to), you’re going to need reinforcements. So we suggest plaid and puffy. Is there any other way to go? Don’t forget a handy torch and a concoction of berries, of course.

3. Fitness

After spending a well-rested night camping out under the stars, recharge yourself by taking a morning jog around the gorgeous vineyards or enjoy an hour of yoga at sunrise.

How to Dress: You’ve got to keep your gear near. Oh and remember to juice up your phone and keep your favourite tunes synced into your phone. Speaking of juice, carry a rejuvenating mix of spirulina, kale and everything green in between.


4. Grape Stomping

Yep, it’s just as fun as it sounds. Picture yourself in a barrel filled with grapes and you just get to obliterate them into oblivion and squeeze the juices right out of those little suckers. Talk about therapeutic, right?

How to Dress: A tricky trend to get down is mastering the art of wearing the culotte. Bright and cute is the way to go, but don’t wear heels, cause that would put a real damper on things. Don’t forget to carry your polaroid camera and a replenishing guava juice


5. Wine Tasting

Where would you get a chance to see the entire process of wine making from grape to glass? At the Sula Vineyards, of course. Have a little fun, expand your palette and learn the fine art of wine tasting all at once.

How to Dress: A good trick would be to wear burgundy, the colour of wine, in case of any spillages. But remember to sip on our coconut water as the hangover cure in case you go overboard.

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