8 hours a day. Sitting in a meeting. Or sitting in front of a screen. Not the healthiest activity, is it? Staying healthy at work is the new trend today. As people become more aware of what they eat, they also monitor their physical activity levels more closely. Join us as we explore some simple ways to stay healthy at work. We understand your time constraints, so we have easy time saving ways to cut the weight gain and boost the brain! Boss mode and Beast mode, here we come!


1. H2O’ Yes Please!

Does it feel like your well of ideas suddenly dries up? Sometimes it hits us like a train and we feel super sluggish towards the evening. We hate to rain on your parade, but it may not be lack of sleep. It could be due to dehydration.

We know you’re working as hard as you can. And being immersed in your work can result in forgetting simple things like drinking water through the day. Around 8 cups of water a day at office should be ideal. Juices and fruits are ideal to supplement your hydration, and we’ve got the perfect blends in store. Water you waiting for? Check out our kickass Alkalize bundle!


2. Fruitin’ For You

A butter maggi and a vada pav? Or maybe a packet of chips as we work late into the night? No way, Jose! Ditch those fried, buttery and fatty foods for some juicy fresh fruits. Fruits offer a range of nutrients, vitamins and fiber that are considered as essentials. Even better, they promise to keep you feeling energized through the day. We’ve got some great blends in store to make sure your hard work bears fruit. We recommend the Life bundle to leave you feeling fresher than a chocolate mint on a hotel pillow!

3. Break-ing The Habit

Stop aimlessly browsing social media on your break. Even worse, try cutting down on those smoke breaks. Instead, take a walk around the office or the building. Just don’t remain idle through the work day. You may think that taking a break is be a waste of time, but in truth it can be more productive. It will boost circulation throughout the body and wake those muscles up. Ultimately leaving you feeling well refreshed. Frequent breaks are a good way to stimulate yourself throughout the day. No, this doesn’t mean eating more Kit-Kats either.

4. That’s A Latte Caffeine

Reduce the coffee intake through the day to stop feeling like a depresso! Did you know that your mid-evening irritability and sleepiness could also be due to a ‘caffeine crash’. Try to curb your caffeine consumption to one cup of coffee to prevent a crash later in the day. Looking for a replacement? Try out some citrusy Valencia Orange Juice instead. With these tips, you can stay healthy at work. You can brew it!

Feeling fit yet? Check out It’s All About The Balance – Exercise V/S Diet.

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