We’ve always been told to think out of the box, to be different and do things differently. With the onset of February, everyone around you see is planning for Valentine’s day. Who to go out with, where to get reservations and how can we forget the gifts. And don’t even get us started with the events and the promotions. Why doesn’t anyone implicate the ‘be different’ rule here? Why do you have to love anyone else on Valentine’s? Can you dare to be different? Can you dare to love YOURSELF? Afterall, you can’t love someone until you truly indulge in self love. It doesn’t matter if you are one half of the couple, it’s time to show some love, starting now.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Yes, that’s true, but for all the amazing things. Celebrating the day of love, list out everything that you love about yourself. Ask everyone you know to help in this and believe in each thing you note down. The next step in this activity is to religiously read out the points to yourself, every morning. Afterall, loving is important and the one who should get maximum of it should be your own self. This small gesture of self love can fill you up with happiness. All of it sounds too corny to you? So be it. Afterall, can’t a single corn be termed as Unicorn?

RAW-Pressery-Valentines-day-self love

One In A Melon

Self esteem and Self love go hand in hand. Nah, this one isn’t about quitting your job and shifting to something “that you love” right now. This one’s about accepting yourself. It’s about accepting the way you are, and believing that you are unique, yet perfect. We’re not telling you to be in denial but to look at the bigger picture and embrace it all – the good and the not so good. Let go of all the self-judgement and seek nothing but the best in you. Want a quick start? Read this to yourself – Hey inner-critic, it’s over!

Forever Fabulous February

Do you really need a partner to go to a fancy restaurant and have a blissful meal? Or is that the only time when you fill the room with candles? Nah-ah! We certainly don’t need a day to pamper ourselves and definitely not a companion. If you love wine or the candles, today is the day and now is the time. Be it the food, star-gazing or reading a book in the bathtub along with vanilla candles and some wine to go with. Now where is the need of a companion? It’s valentine’s day! W(h)ine a little, won’t you?

self love-RAW-Pressery_Enns-Closet_Beauty Cleanse

Seal It With A Kiss

How could we have ended this date without the ‘Kiss’, just like the end of awesome date nights (Or is it just the start?). Well, the secret to get those kiss-ready lips starts right with some internal Beauty Cleanse and ends with these juicy lips dressed in a funky lipstick. To get you started with some self love right from the inside to the outside, we’re bundling your Beauty Cleanse with an Organic Lipstick from the house of Enn’s Closet, as a Valentine’s day gift from RAW Pressery. Don’t forget to leave some kiss marks on your juice bottles. After all, aren’t we your Valentine?

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