Prepare to Meet Satan, Pass My Shotgun or Pass My Sweats, which one’s your favorite one? It happens every month and we come up with one new full form every month, as you feel the start of the familiar pain and the rage coming on. There’s no way to stop or estimate what’s coming on, but you could definitely get it a notch down. Wanna know how?

1. Netflix And Binge?

It’s time to binge watch and binge eat. Hold up, binge eat = eat frequently not excessively!. Premenstrual cravings are hard to battle but shifting to compulsive or binge eating has proven to be really helpful. Break down your three large meals into six smaller ones, to stay away from consuming extra calories.

2. Tweak Your Diet

We understand the urge to eat everything. And also not knowing what to eat. This time, what we want you to do is ask yourself ‘Did I Eat That’, that is, DIET! Boost intakes of fluids and food loaded with protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium and Vitamin A, B, E. They help you lighten your mood and can keep the cravings in check. Ever thought greens and fruits would be better than the pain relievers and anti-depressants?

3. Time For Thyme

Eat, Sleep, Cry, Repeat. If that’s what PMS has been doing to you, it’s time to give it some thyme. A recent study found that thyme could be really effective in relieving pre-period cramps, just as painkillers would. Thyme oil is most helpful, but you could also do with adding some thyme herbs to boiling hot water for a tea-riffic PMS pain reliever.

4. Swing with the Swings

The secret here is to keep calm. Not only say it but cultivate calmness and serenity. Consciously take deep, slow breaths and let it all go. Don’t refrain from anything that could help relieve stress. A recent study claims that indulging in a mobile game during PMS or severe mood swings could help you let it all go. Try out new activities. Paint something. Or maybe go for a walk or meditate? Or how about enjoying some music or make PMS dance on your tunes?

Would do anything to relieve the unmanageable pain? Here are some exercises that could help you to PMS (Please Make it Stop) the pain.

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