We all need a little extra #inspo from time to time, to help us in our journey of eating a clean, low carb diet, achieving our fitness goals which help us towards leading a balanced healthy life. We’ve scoured the net and selected 10 of the best Instagram accounts for health and fitness motivation. You can count on these for daily #goals.


Ella Woodward
(@deliciouslyella – 899k followers)

Started chronicling her food adventures after being diagnosed with postural tachycardia syndrome Ella is a plant-based nutritionist. Her diet is free from gluten, dairy, meat and sugar. She is not a trained chef, but is in fact self taught.


Trine Rask
(@trinerask – 39.4k followers)

Copenhagen based food stylist, photographer and recipe maker plus author of milkingalmonds.com Her philosophy behind milking almonds is fresh, earthy, natural ingredients and strictly plant-based recipes. It holds a great balance with recipes full of greens as well as recipes of cookies and burgers for when you want to indulge.


McKel Hill
(@nutritionstripped – 229k followers)

Creator of ‘Nutrition Stripped.’ She is a Nutritionist, wellness expert, cookbook author and game changer. Living whole and inspires others to eat well McKel started Nutrition Stripped to share her passion about nutrition, wellness and years of coaching clients one-to-one. Nutrition Stripped surpassed her dream, and her blog became so much more than a writing platform. It is now a thriving community of health ‘foodies’ who support the content she shares and live a whole foods lifestyle.

Hemsley + Hemsley
(@hemsleyhemsley – 255k followers)

Jasmine & Melissa Hemsley. Nourishing chefs, lovers of real food. Authors of ‘The Art of Eating Well Jasmine and Melissa are sisters and food lovers with a passion for wellness and delicious, nutrient dense cooking. They cook and consult for celebrities and their events are renowned. ‘The Art of Eating Well’ is their best-selling, first cookbook packed with over 150 nourishing and fun recipes free from grain, gluten and refined sugar.

Kimberley Snyder
(_kimberleysnyder – 164k followers)

Nutritionist for the Mind, Body and Soul. Creator of Beauty Detox Lifestyle New York Times Best-Selling Author of ‘The Beauty Detox Solution,’ ‘The Beauty Detox Foods’ and ‘The Beauty Detox Power.’ Snyder is also the creator of ‘Glow Bio,’ an organic smoothie, juice and cleanse company based in Los Angeles. She is also the go-to nutritionist for many of the entertainment industry’s top celebrities, including Drew Barrymore, Channing Tatum, Reese Witherspoon and many more.


Michael Morelli Jr
(@morellifit – 774k followers)

To positively impact the lives of 1 million people – transforming their bodies, helping them lose weight and live long, healthy, fulfilling lives. After a long struggle and years of hard work, Michael Morelli Jr. got his act together. This made him seek out a healthier, happier life for himself and others. He is known for his product ‘Hiit Max’ which was created from the knowledge of his course, 180 nutrition and fitness related books and real world training which show you how to detox your body with examples including the ‘7- Day Detox Drop’ and ‘Six Pack Finishers.’


Jen Selter
(@jenselter – 9.5m followers)

Instagram’s number one ‘Belfie’ Star When it comes to hitting it big on social media, bum’s the word! That’s the case for the 20-year-old New Yorker who has squatted and lunged her way into the hearts and Instagram feeds of folks around the world. This American fitness model has attracted significant media attention and inspired tons of people to take up weight training.


Cheat Clean
(@cheatcleaneatlean – 4k followers)

Indulge in Guilt Free, Gluten-Free Desserts free from refined sugar. They believe in ‘Cheating for Health.’ If you have to cheat, might as well do it the right way Launched by Charvi Bubna, Mumbai. Cheat Clean was born out of a sheer passion for nutrition and baking combined. Their main aim is to provide people with tasty, healthy and all natural desserts, without adding the burden to your waistline. Follow for a tantalizing treat for your eyes and taste buds, with new pictures of healthy desserts every single day along with motivational quotes to inspire you.


RAW Pressery
(@rawpressery – 20.42k followers)

India’s first all natural, preservative free cold -pressed juice brand delivered straight to your door It all started with a simple question really – does getting healthy have to be such a task? Sometimes, we are all unable to do the right things for our body, consistently. It’s really simple. RAW Pressery works with a team of nutritionists and medical experts to create their juices. Carefully put together to offer you specific benefits – from the energy-boosting RUN juice to the protein-rich LEAN. Filled with inspirational quotes, customer regrams, live event pics and and fun facts about nutrition, their account is an excellent pit stop for health lovers.


Pooja Makhija
(@poojamakhija– 11k followers)
 Nourish – It is something most of us forget. Or take for granted. Eat. Energise. Glow. Nourish. Mumbai-based health food nutritionist, Pooja Makhija’s aim is to help you build the right relationship with food, so you can reach your goal weight and fight disease. Having successfully catered to over 10,000 clients, Pooja will teach you how to reclaim the fit, healthy body you have always wanted to have.

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