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5 Major Principles & Benefits of Yoga You Didn’t Know About🧘‍♀️

Yoga Day Special

Crazy working hours, bad posture, an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and always being on the go; have a great impact on our lives than we tend to anticipate. It’s time we stop & introspect our lifestyle. A simple suggestion to bring about this transformation would be to do yoga every day. Yoga is & has been a life-transforming practice that you can easily include in your daily lifestyle and reap the benefits that are long-lasting.

Yoga, an ancient practice, has now become a widespread phenomenon as more and more people have come to realize its perks. But we’re here to tell you that these benefits extend beyond the mat and aren’t just limited to burning calories, improving flexibility, and reducing stress. If you’re a practicing yogi, you’ve probably noticed the impact of yoga in your life already. You may be sleeping better, breathing deeper, falling ill less often, feeling fresher, more energetic, and less stressed. 

But if you’re new to Yoga or skeptical about trying it, it’s fine. People often have some preconceived notions like, “I’m not flexible enough,” “Yoga is too slow and gentle, it doesn’t count as a workout,” “It’s for women only,” “This isn’t cardio or weight training, it won’t help me lose weight” or “It’s only for younger people.”

Don’t let these misconceptions hold you back. Yoga comprises of mainly three aspects – alignment, focus, and breathing. It’s the one practice that tends to the mind, body, and soul, ensuring improvement in your mental, physical and emotional health. From helping you stay fit and fine to rejuvenating you from the daily chores of life, from helping with physical ailments to helping in stress relief and increased focus, what you can gain from Yoga is endless. Here are few principles of Yoga that will clear all your doubts about Yoga.

5 Basic Principles of Yoga

  1. Exercise
  2. Breathing
  3. Relaxation
  4. Diet
  5. Positive mindset and meditation

1. Exercise

Yoga Asanas promote slow and conscious movement of the body which may aid in reducing muscle fatigue and also lubricate the joints by increasing circulation.

2. Breathing

Pranayamas increase oxygen flow through deep inhalation and promote the release of toxins through deep exhalation. This helps you steady your mind and become more aware of your breathing pattern.

3. Relaxation

Savasana – a pose of total relaxation and the final resting pose in Yoga – while challenging to execute, is the ultimate cool down. When the mind and body are constantly working in overdrive, they tend to not be as efficient. This is where Yoga comes in and helps recharge the body holistically.

4. Diet

The correct nutrition will act as fuel for the body and also as materials to repair and build tissues. Yoga promotes a Sattvic diet – meaning one that is free of stimulants and depressants like caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, overly spicy foods, processed foods and sugars, and meat.

5. Positive mindset and meditation

Positive thinking energizes and facilitates growth, while negative thoughts are draining and lead to the storage of these feelings in your mind and body. Yoga promotes a positive outlook through meditation which helps you manage your emotions better.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Like we’ve said before if there’s a problem, Yoga has the solution. Here are a few other benefits of Yoga that you’ll almost immediately experience and even everyone should know about on International Yoga Day.

  1. Yoga improves posture.
  2. Yoga increases flexibility and reduces stiffness.
  3. Yoga helps attain better quality of sleep.
  4. Yoga improves strength and endurance.
  5. Yoga helps reduces stress, anxiety, and restlessness.
  6. Yoga promotes a positive outlook.
  7. Yoga helps in attaining better concentration and focus.
  8. Yoga helps improves digestive health.
  9. Yoga facilitates better circulation, thus improving heart health.
  10. Yoga helps your take deeper breaths and rectify wrong breathing patterns.
  11. Yoga improves your mood and energy levels.
  12. Yoga is for all age groups, genders, and people.
  13. Yoga promotes overall wellness.
  14. Yoga eliminates bodily toxins.
  15. Yoga helps boosts immunity.

Yoga is for everyone. It’s a way of living that helps you connect deeper with yourself and encourages you to slow down and spend time listening to your body’s needs. If we had to describe Yoga in 1 word, it’d be “Balance.”

Whether you’re an existing practitioner, or are a newbie and are looking to get started, we have just the thing for you. Come celebrate International Yoga Day with us at YOGA RISE this Saturday, 18th June 2022 in Mumbai & Delhi.

  • Venue: BlueSea, Worli, Mumbai & Ekko Studio, South Delhi
  • Time: 9 am onwards
The event will include
  • A 2hour immersive Yoga Session with Samiksha Shetty(Mumbai) & Shikha Mehra (Delhi)
  • An interactive “Ask Me Anything” session so you can get all your answers.
  • A wholesome breakfast with a live pancake counter, muesli bowls, juices, almond milk, coconut water, and a lot more!
  • A Yoga Rise hamper with goodies worth Rs.1,500/- for you to take home

The registration fee is just Rs. 499/- (all inc.)

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