Today, we live in an extremely demanding & fast-paced world, which at times can take a toll on our lives. People face stress & pressure from multiple aspects of life ranging from personal to professional, not to mention the health concerns.

In the past two years, health concerns have been at an all time high due to the pandemic threatening our world. Life has ceased to be as we knew it & everyone is facing the challenges.

So how do we de-stress?

Meditation, an age-old relaxation technique for stress, has been practiced since 1500 B.C. in numerous religious traditions, often as part of the path towards enlightenment & self realization. It involves focusing on breathing to bring the mind & conscious to a restful state. All you need to do is sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes, tune out the world & take in a deep breath.

Meditation and its Methods vary widely; most include either keeping the awareness focused on a specific target such as a ‘mantra meditation’, an ideal, or the breath itself.

Meditation is an approach to health & healing which involves the complete synchronization of our mind & body. Mind-body approaches to health & healing are those practices that generate states of mental & physical relaxation for stress.

What is Meditative Movement?

Meditative movement consists of exercises that use movement along with meditative attention to body sensations. In addition to meditation, meditative movement usually includes some form of body movements which are typically described as slow, relaxed & flowing.

Essentially, any meditation in which we are moving, ideal when we are feeling energetic. We use slow & steady breathing to help us guide the movement. It is best if you choose an activity that is known to you, so you can relax into the flow of it. These exercises focus on synchronizing your breathing with the movements, thereby creating a high sense of awareness regarding our body in that moment.

Mind-body practices, such as meditative movement, that incorporate movements are increasingly being used as a complementary approach to health & healing. There are various benefits of practicing meditative movements. It calms the mind while helping you relax, creates awareness, regulates your breathing which in turn improves cardio-vascular health. It can be practiced with an aim of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, pain & increasing mental peace & well-being.

When you align your mind & body with your spiritual being, you feel connected to all of your entire being.

Benefits of Meditative Movement

  • Meditation has been shown to help decrease stress and anxiety, as well as relieve physical pain and boost the immune system.
  • Meditation helps in Deep relaxation and feelings of serenity.
  • The mind stays focused, and deep sleep is promoted.
  • Using the meditation movements concentration has improved
  • It exposes the imagination to fresh thoughts and boosts creativity
  • Meditation can assist you in finding your spiritual calling.

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