You may think we are exaggerating but it’s nothing but the simple, humble truth. Loaded with nutrients and basically all things good, the delicious flavour of pomegranates makes it quite easy to believe that they have fallen right from the heavens (Hey, we are not making it up, that’s what the legends say!)
The benefits of this Ruby red berry are too many to count but we have tried to compile a few to show why we think Pom is absolutely the bomb:

1. When it comes to the antioxidant race there are hardly any fruits that beat the richness of this one. The antioxidant capacity of pom surpasses that of cranberries, green tea, and even red wine. Go Pom!

2. Pom is one of the very few fruits with edible seeds. Known as arils, these tiny fighters are rich in vitamins, fibres, and plant bio-compounds.

3. Did you know our good ol’ Pom is one of the few fruits whose juice is equally healthy as the fruit itself? This is because pomegranate’s thick skin is rich in super anti-oxidant Punicalagins that is utilized when the fruit is squeezed out to get the juice. Worried about your regular supply of this precious drink? Don’t worry our exclusive bundles have you covered or you could go for our 1 LTR pom pack to keep the juice flowing!

4. Pom is the best friend for people suffering from type-2 diabetes and serious heart ailments. By the aid of its antioxidants, pomegranate goes a long way in healing chronic inflammation, which is the root cause of many persistent ailments.


5. We know, all those POM-derful controversies may have you wondering otherwise but pomegranate actually helps reduce the risk of Prostate Cancer by slowing the progress of PSAs in males.

6. The qualities found in a Pom are so unique; it could literally stand in front of the mirror and ask, ‘Who is the healthiest one of all?’ And the answer would be pomegranate each time. It is one of the few natural foods that contain aromatase inhibitors, which slow down the production of estrogen in bodies preventing the risk of breast cancer.

7. With its unmatched anti-angiogenic properties, pom actually inhibits the growth of tumors and cancerous cells minimizing the risk of cancer.

8. Our much-loved pom’s phytochemicals help in reducing and maintaining blood pressure. They also help with post-surgical recovery and sharpen your memory.

These were just a few of the many many special qualities that make Pomegranate a total badass, which you should include in your lifestyle ASAP for a healthy heart and soul. So, what are you waiting for?

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