So what if you can’t afford the latest Apple phone? Don’t stress, we have more Apple options for you! Have you ever seen a person drinking juice and wondered how health conscious they are? Not all juices are nutritious and healthy – it depends on their ingredients and their production – they can be regular juices or cold-pressed juices. Read on to find out which type of juice you should go for and why and find your answer to which is better normal juice or Cold-pressed Juice!

Difference Between Regular Normal Juice vs. Cold-Pressed Juice

Regular Juice

Regular Juice:

Regular juices are extracted from the ordinary juicing machine we have at home that separates the juice from the fruits with the fast-spinning blades inside it. The juice then goes through a mesh filter and can be collected for later.

Regular juices are really good for experimentation and for immediate consumption. It is also cheaper and faster than cold-pressed juicers. However, because of the spinning in the juicer, it loses a lot of essential nutrients. Also, you cannot store it for long as it is prone rotting and changes in tastes. The cell walls of the juice start breaking down after some time. Regular juicing is great for people who keep their refrigerator stocked with fruits and veggies.


Cold Pressed Juice:

Cold-pressed juices are made from special machines that crush and press the fruits and veggies to extract the juice. There is no spinning and blades involved.

Cold pressed juicers are very effective in retaining nutrients. The juice also lasts for more days than regular juice and is the go-to drink for a cleanse. The only drawbacks are that the procedure takes too long and is expensive than regular juices.

So, Normal Juice or Cold-Pressed Juice, who won the fight? It’s for you to decide! Give cold pressed juices a try, and load up on essential nutrients in the juices. When you see a difference, you will know who the real MVP is.


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