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A hot sunny day calls for a glass of delicious, refreshing juice. While we have many options in the market today, our beloved Sugarcane Juice (Ganne ka Rass) continues to be the OG King of Good times.

Nothing beats the sweetness of sugarcane juice on a hot afternoon. Just imagine, getting your hands on an icy cold glass of salt sprinkled ganne ka rass after being chased by the sun for hours. Yummy, right? Now that’s what we call the sweet taste of life…literally! But do you really think that’s all it can do?

Sorry mate, if you think quenching your thirst is the only thing it is good at, then you are terribly underestimating the sugarcane juice benefits. Nature’s sweet nectar, sugarcane juice is not only a delight to consume, but it also has a plethora of health benefits to offer!

Sugarcane juice provides incredible health benefits and is filled with essential elements that our bodies require. It has the ability to strengthen bones, stimulate the immune system, improve digestion, and reduce stress.

Scroll down to know 13 best health benefits of Sugarcane Juice

  1. It is an instant energizer. The sugar in sugarcane are easily absorbed by the body & these help replenish the sugar levels.
  2. Despite its content of sugar, sugarcane juice has a low glycemic index. So while it replenishes the body’s sugar levels, it’s low glycemic index prevents spike in the blood glucose levels.
  3. Being alkaline in nature, sugarcane juice helps maintain the electrolyte balance in our bodies.
  4. Sugarcane juice has a high concentration of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, & Manganese.
  5. Sugarcane juice aids digestion.
  6. The Potassium present in sugarcane juice helps balance the body’s pH levels.
  7. Sugarcane juice’s high Calcium content ensures proper development of the skeletal system. It helps build & strengthen bones & tooth enamel.
  8. Sugarcane juice is low in fats, cholesterol, & sodium. It has no saturated fats.
  9. It is diuretic in nature & helps keep infections at bay.
  10. According to Ayurveda, sugarcane juice helps strengthen the liver & is a proven remedy for jaundice.
  11. Sugarcane juice is a good source of Vitamin C & antioxidants.
  12. Sugarcane juice contains vitamin B9 (folic acid) which helps in conception & pregnancy.
  13. Sugarcane juice is good for the body’s immunity & helps treat sore throat, cold, & flu.

Are you sold or do we need to tell you more?

Go detox with a bottle of cold sugarcane juice!

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