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Three Delicious Mango Recipes for Summers 平

Mango Recipes for Summers

We all LOVE Mangoes. It’s that one thing that keeps us impatiently waiting for summers. Ask anyone whats the one thing that reminds them of summers & they’d probably say mangoes.

The so-called King of Fruits has a fan following of its own. The sweet, juicy fruit is perfect for beating the summer heat while also; satisfying our summer cravings. And, as much as we enjoy eating it straight up, it obviously tastes amazing when infused in drinks, added to savory food, or fashioned into a dessert.

That’s why we; have listed down three incredibly amazing; mango recipes that you can make at home & relish the fruit of the season in gourmet style this summer.

1. Alphonso Mango Popsicle

If you’re someone who loves popsicles, this would probably be the recipe of your kind. Super easy to make & insanely delicious, this one should definitely be on your to-do list for summers.

Ingredients –
Fresh Alphonso Mangos – 150g
RAW Pressery Alphonso Mango Juice – 400ml
Honey – 2tbsp
Fresh Lemon Juice – 2tbsp

How You Make It –
In a bowl, add the lemon juice, honey, & Alphonso Mango Juice.
In a silicone mould, add the freshly cut Alphonso Mango.
Add the juice mix to it.
Cover It & freeze it for 90 minutes. Enjoy!

2. Alphonso Mango Sorbet

Alphonso Mango Sorbet

Nothing matches to having sorbet in summer. And when it’s Alphonso Mango Sorbet, you just can’t say no. Try making this cool Alphonso Mango Sorbet at home. It’s a summer delight like no other.

Ingredients –
Fresh Alphonso Mangos – 800g
RAW Pressery Alphonso Mango Juice – 200ml
Maple Syrup – 2tbsp
Fresh Lemon Juice – 2tbsp
Almond & Pistachio Slivers – 2tbsp

How You Make It –
Cut fresh mango into cubes.
Place mango cubes in a blender, and blend for 2-3 minutes.
Add mango juice, maple syrup, and lemon juice and blend until smooth.
Transfer to a container and freeze until firm.
Scoop it up. Put Pistachio & Almond Slivers on top. Enjoy!

3. Vegan Mango Shake

Vegan Mango Shake

If you’re vegan & wanna try something mango-licious, then this is it. Try out this amazing Vegan Mango Shake recipe. We’re sure you’ll drool over it.

Ingredients –
RAW Pressery Almond Milk Plain (Unsweetened) – 300ml
Fresh Diced Mangos – 1cup
Maple Syrup – 2tbsp
Chia Seeds – 1tbsp
Crushed Ice – 1/4cup

How You Make It –
In a tall glass, add chia seeds & 50 ml almond milk. Keep aside until the seeds bloom.
In a blender, add the diced mangos, maple syrup, crushed ice & almond milk. Blend until smooth (milkshake consistency).
Transfer it to another glass. Slowly pour over the bloomed chia seeds & garnish with mango pieces. Enjoy!

So there you go! Three incredibly delicious mango recipes that you can make at home & enjoy during summers. Which one’s your favourite? Tell us in the comments.

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