In mid-1960’s, the Green Revolution in Punjab transformed India, like never before. What if we said, the same ‘Green’ still holds the power to transform you, like never before, with Plant-Based Diet. So, what sorcery is this Plant-Based Diet? All the wholesome food that is sourced from plants and has gone through minimal processing (preferably no processing at all!) and is in its natural state, would qualify under this diet. That said, you’ve got to do away with meat, eggs, milk and other dairy products to make way for the healthier fruits, vegetables, and nuts. You can also say, it’s celebrating the joy of eating natural food, in its natural form. Now that we’ve got you interested, lettuce discuss further.

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1. Encourage-Mint

Okay, honestly, you don’t really get too much out of Plant-Based Diet. You’d just be living a healthier life, lose some weight, improve your heart health. You might also have a controlled blood sugar level, helping you deal with diabetes better. You could (read: will) also feel more hydrated and satiated after every green meal that will also help you build your core strength and endurance. Want even more motivation? We’d recommend you watching ‘What the Health’, a film available on Netflix that would surely motivate you enough to go on a Plant-Based Diet for at least 7 days, if not more. To match up to all this motivation, boost your immunity with the help of our Shield juice. It’s filled with all the essential nutrients and comes with all the goodness to help you ace the immune game with this blended dream team.

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2. We-Gain-Ism

No, you don’t have to go all Vegan. That’d be indulging in EXTREME Plant-Based Diet. Simply put, people indulging in the Vegan diet can eat potato chips, a soft chew candy, and even french fries, but you cannot. People following a Plant Based Diet often do it with the motivation to stay fit, unlike Vegans, where the motivation usually is to prevent animal suffering. Whatever the motivation be, all that matters is we-gain!

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3. All Nutrients Covered? No Whey!

Consuming an adequate amount of calories in your Plant-Based Diet ensures there’s no deficiency of protein or any other essential nutrient in your body. There’s protein in vegetables and grains, even more in beans and nuts. Meeting the daily requirements of necessary nutrients becomes further easier with the Raw Pressery’s Green bundle! The Light keeps you calm while you go green whereas the Trim takes care of your health management and helps boosts digestion. For everything else, you have the Pure and the Lean, loaded with Vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, I, K and Iron. What are you waiting for now?

4. That’s Not All, Folks!

Adopting a Plant-Based Diet not only gets you closer to the environment but also helps you eat your way to a smaller carbon footprint. Maybe you don’t have to buy a Tesla to do your bit! Going green on your plate could be enough, especially with our awesome Mixed Vegetable Soup. Start small, change slowly, experiment with new foods and recipes but don’t stay away from keeping it RAW!

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