Last week’s Aloe Vera gel promised pure skin in 7 days didn’t it? And didn’t that expensive face cream convince you that your blackheads were done for? Well, it’s time to take a stand, we’re sick of the broken promises of night creams and facemasks. Let’s get glowing this winter with skin-boosting fruits! You are what you eat, goes the old saying. We believe, you are what you drink! Say goodbye to the contouring and the make-up, it’s time to go au naturale. Did you know that Vitamin-C is one of the biggest factors of good skin? It’s time to C’s the day with our winter guide to glowing skin!


1. Berry Beautiful

Berries are small, cute, and power-packed with skin boosting nutrients! Think of them as anti-oxidant bombs. Loaded with Vitamin-C, Strawberries help keep skin smooth and firm. Don’t worry about wrinkling away to old age as long as you get a healthy dose of strawberries and blueberries. Anti-oxidants in berries protect the elasticity of skin and prevent it from sagging. You can get a berry heavy dose with our Choose Life bundle!


2. One Veggie Delight, Please

Go for the kale and get a healthy dose of vegetables on a daily basis. Vegetables also contain loads of anti-oxidants, which help boost skin smoothness and development. With salads you can toss it up with different vegetables every day. The best veggies for the skin include Kale and Spinach. We’ve got you covered with our Green bundle. What are you waiting for? The grass is greener on this side!


3. Man Just Go For It

We had you at Mango, didn’t we? Yes, you guessed it, it’s aam-azing for the skin! They work well to rejuvenate the skin and protect it from inflammation. In fact, mangoes are one of the secret ingredients of the cosmetics industry. They are used in skin butters and have shown wound-healing properties. So what if it ain’t summer? Taste the summer sun with our Aam For Aam bundle!


4. Nuts About This

Another power-packed food source comes in the form of almonds. Our Go Nuts bundle is loaded with Vitamin-E. This vitamin one of the most important anti-oxidants for skin health. And trust us, when living in this dusty, humid, polluted Indian climate, you’re gonna need all the anti-oxidants you can get! Even better, almonds provide a surge of moisture to help prevent that wintery dry skin. What are you waiting for? Winter is coming.

C why we love Vitamins? Check out Vitamin C-eal Your Meal.

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