Embracing the C-word can be difficult. However, on the occasion that is National Education day, cancer is the topic in focus. What is it? Just another bump on the road to a better life. Many types of foods can be cancer inducing, so it’s hard to trust what to eat and what to avoid.

On the other hand, there are several super fruits that work well to prevent and defeat cancer. Other than containing anti-cancer properties, they also harbor antioxidants, fibers, and minerals. It’s time to educate yourself on these battling fruits; we’re going to get loaded on anti-cancer nutrients and vitamins. Join us as we check out the best fruits and juices to combat and prevent the disease.



Appley Ever After

Fruits are a part of the natural remedies of many cancer survivors. Did you know that something as simple as the apple can cut the risk of 5 different types of cancer? Apples appear to top the list of fruity cancer fighters as they contain very specific nutrients that focus on natural prevention and killing of cancer cells. We’ve got some pristine and pure Apple juice in store!


Orange You Glad To See Me

C’s the day! Vitamin-C is a known cancer fighting agent. This vitamin is known to naturally inhibit the growth of tumours, ultimately cutting the risks of the disease. As luck would have it, Oranges are densely packed with this vitamin. The National Cancer Institute even calls oranges a complete package of every natural anti-cancer inhibitor known. Start stockpiling on those oranges or head to the Raw Pressery store for some Vitamin-C loaded Valencia Orange.


The Ruby Red Pomegranate

Great for the heart and great against cancer. We don’t give the Pomegranate close to enough importance. Scientists believe that Pomegranates are natural breast cancer blocking agents. This fruit works to destroy ‘aromatase’ – the main substance that leads to the onset of breast cancer. Get your dose of Pomegranate juice here!


Agents Against Cancer

There are a range of other fruits to back us up against this disease. Some of them include bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. Bananas contain compounds that have been found to be effective against leukemia, also containing potassium which benefits the heart. Berries on the other hand inhibit a whole spectrum of tumors from being promoted and initiated. What is more, strawberries contain a huge dose of Vitamin-C too. We’ve got the perfect blend in store with these anti-cancer agents, go ahead, Choose Life.

We go back a long way with Vitamin-C. Check out Vitamin C-eal Your Meal!

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