If you have been driven to the edge of your sanity in a bid to avoid all ‘fatty’ foods from your diet, we are here to rescue you from your fat-free dilemmas! It’s time to beat the stereotype and tone up and slim down with healthy fats in your diet. Let’s get PHAT with FAT. So, what exactly are healthy fats? They’re unsaturated fats that have health-protective benefits and keep your heart safe. Consume them in moderation as a healthy diet choice to raise the good cholesterol in your system. Here are some healthy fats that you can include in your daily meals with zero guilt!


1. You Only O-live Once!

Overthinking over that bottle of olive oil? Well, give us a chance to convince you why olive oil should always o-live in your kitchen! For starters, it is packed with powerful antioxidants. It is the healthiest oil and regular consumption has proven to keep the health risks at bay. What really makes olive oil the star of all oils is that it can be included in anything – use it as a salad dressing or in your dessert – it will never let you down. So, what are you waiting for? Run to the store!

2. Coconut To The Rescue!

Beware, the health benefits of coconut may blow your mind! Coconuts are the richest source of saturated fat on the planet. People who consume coconuts, coconut oil, and coconut milk have been observed to have reduced risk of heart diseases. It’s a blessing that coconut is so easy to include in your diet – cook with it, bake with it. If cooking is rare for you, try coconut water. Let Raw Pressery Loco 4 Coco be your daily dose of coconut!

3. Be Nutty!

Go nuts on nuts if you want to live healthily! Walnuts and peanut butter are an excellent source of Omega-3 fats. They’re yummy – just add them to your morning oatmeal or in your desserts or just mix them with yogurt! Almonds are, hands down, the most nutritious in this category. Every single almond is a storehouse of fibre, magnesium, and vitamin E. If you find it difficult to regulate nuts into your diet, just mix them up with juices and smoothies – they are amazing quick fixes. Raw Pressery Go Nuts is super handy to be healthy on the go!


4. Chia Later!

Before you go all judgemental on chia seeds, we think it is necessary you read this! Chia seeds are life changing. They’re packed with Omega-3 fats, which is the healthiest fat. However, don’t eat it directly – just one spoonful of these seeds in your breakfast parfait will sort you out for the rest of the day. Raw Pressery Love smoothie is a smart concoction of chia seeds and fruits like pomegranate and watermelon.


5. Just Avoca-do it!

There is a reason why avocados are trending on Instagram – they’re healthy, beyond any doubt. The avocado trend is here to stay. Every ounce of avocados contains up to 20 nutrients. Avocado fat is considered to be heart-healthy. Consuming just one or two ounces every day will keep your health in check. All these health benefits, combined with the buttery deliciousness that avocados add to your food? It really is a dream come true!

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