Cough, cough, you feel that? Feels like a bad air day. It’s that smog that doesn’t seem to disappear. We don’t say much about it, but we all feel it. Pollution is becoming a major problem now, not just in Delhi but in Bombay and Bangalore too. What’s the solution to pollution? Well, did you know fruits can help? Yup, fruits are super foods, and they can fight just about anything!

5 Best Fruit to Fight with Pollution

1. Orange

What we need are anti-oxidants. Inner pollution cleansers that promise to make us feel fit and fine. Oranges bring these anti-oxidants by the truckload and release them into the bloodstream. Vitamin-C is crucial for maintaining and improving lung health. Drink your way to a healthier you with our Valencia Orange bundle. Orange you glad to see us?

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is not a fruit, but it’s the best anti-pollution food out there. Yes, we all hated it as a kid. Mum always said, ‘Broccoli is good for you’, and she couldn’t have been more right. Broccoli is a super food, it has always been one. Studies have found that this vegetable helps get rid of dangerous carcinogenic pollutants. Hop over to the RAW Pressery store, we’ve got a lip smacking bundle waiting for you. Check out our Green bundle  that promises to leave you lean and clean!

3. Tomato

They say the healthiest festival in the world is La Tomatina, and we’ll tell you why! Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that protects against respiratory illnesses. It’s time ketchup on your health with a healthy tomato soup! 

4. Strawberries & Blueberries

Strawberries and Blueberries

We’ve got some more Vitamin-C wonders for you. Wait till you C how great these power-packed berries are. These berries are the biggest natural Vitamin-C sources out there. It’s time to bid goodbye to toxin troubles. Of course, we’ve prepared berrylicious blend for you, it’s right here with our Choose Life bundle.

5. Almonds

We’re nuts about almonds. They are super rich in magnesium. Which boosts your natural defenses and relaxes the breathing tubes inside your lungs. They also contain Vitamin-E which often serves as the first line of defense against injury to tissues. So, in a nutshell, these are the top fruits and foods that protect against air pollution. Oh, and we’ve got (almond) milk. Go Nuts with this!

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