Bacteria isn’t bad! Yes, that’s true. In the human gut there are hundreds of different kinds of bacteria that call the shots on your health. So how do we get them calling the right shots? By eating the right foods, especially fiber rich foods. Look for good sources of fiber that stimulate healthy gut bacteria which will ultimately lead to a healthier, lighter you. The good news? New, healthy gut bacteria can be cultivated in just 24 short hours. Fiber rich foods are also waist friendly, and great on taste, especially the fruits at the RAW Pressery store. Read on to get the lowdown on foods for good gut health, it’s time to fight fiber-crime!

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1. It Takes Two To Mango

Ahh, the Aam, every desi’s delight. Luckily for us Mangos possess an incredible nutritional profile. Mangos have been shown to help keep the good bacteria in your gut alive, along with this they help with controlling body fat and blood sugar. Get your fix at the RAW Pressery store with a bundle of our Mango Coconut Mania. Good gut health is just a sip away. What are you waiting for? Man, just Go for it!

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2. Plant-Based Diet

It’s time to plant the seeds for a better tomorrow! Vegetarian sources of fiber are more important than you think. A number of studies have shown that vegetarian diets benefit the gut microbiota. This is due to the high fiber content. Go on, reduce that carbon footprint too with a bundle of our Green. This blend will get you high on health as it benefits digestion, helps weight loss, purifies blood and much more. Looks like the leafy greens are key to going lean and clean! Clearly, the grass is greener on this side.


3. Berry Special Blueberries

Stuck in a gut? Pop some blueberries for a clear day. Blueberries are tiny, intensely nutritious and pack a flavorful punch. These berries are important as they help diversify gut bacteria. Other than this, they strengthen our memory and boost the immune system. High on fiber, anti-oxidants and Vitamin-K, guess that’s another superfood for you.


4. Bean There, Done That

It’s time to embrace your inner Mr. Bean. Beans are amongst the best fiber sources and work to strengthen your intestine cells and help with weight loss. They’re extremely fiber rich and consistent consumption will lead to a healthy gut clearing cycle. Beans such as pulses also help with weight loss. It’s time for you to make your own bean dream team!

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5. Go Bananas

Slender and curvy, just like how we want to be. Bananas are great for gut health. They work to restore the health of the bacteria community on the whole. Like a peacemaker, bananas maintain harmony among microbes in the bacterial community. This is particularly why bananas help quell an upset stomach. Consume these foods regularly and you’ll be thanking us a bunch!

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